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First of all, I would like to say that it is a good thing that Catholics have a St. Bean, because that is what Sweet Pea went as for Halloween:

Here she is being held by her doting father.  And, since Sae was raised on the same steady diet of Star Wars that I was, here’s Sweet Pea’s other costume:

Also pretty darn awesome.  And while we’re on the topic of infant costumes, I should note that St. Bean was the costume she wore to the All Hallows Eve Party at the Catholic parish where Mr. T works.  Princess Leia is what she wore on the more pagan Beggars Night.

Second of all… I don’t know what comes Second of All.  The wells of blogging creativity are starting to run a little, well, not dry precisely, but shallow.  Should I blog about my current dilemma over what to bring to the Good-bye Party tonight for some Friendly Acquaintances?  I’m not sure what else to call them, since I don’t think I’ve had more than one or two actual conversations with either one of them (they are a married couple) in the few years they’ve been in Dayton.  We both come to the same Catholic young adult things, but they sit in the front and are busy helping to run the events, while I, being deliberately no longer in charge, sit in the back with my friends and my knitting, and occasionally make snarky comments.  So while I feel quite friendly towards them in a general sort of way, I don’t really know them very well.

Anyway, that explains the relationship, but the real crux of the matter is that the party is a wine & cheese sort of thing, and since it’s on a Friday evening, there’s no way I’m going to have time to make something, even if I get off work on time (hahahaha).  So should I go to the store and try to find something cheesily delectable that doesn’t cost too much?  Or just grab a bottle of wine from the basement (it would sound much more swank if I called it a cellar, but let’s face it, it’s really just a basement with a box of wine kinda shoved over in the corner because there’s no room for it in the kitchen).  Decisions, decisions…

I have just realized that this is going to be one of those random posts.

The other thing I’m thinking of, in my shallow sort of way, is lace, and eyelet beading, and insertion.  You see, lately I’ve been getting a little obsessed with ridiculously pretty Edwardian underthings, which sounds racy until you realize that their version of underclothing is more modest than a lot of our modern notions of regular clothes, even for the rather modest.  A bit ago I acquired a really awesome pattern, which I’m excited to try out.  Only I need more lace to make it truly work, particularly lace insertion.  Something pretty, not cheap looking, but made with straight edges on both sides, and preferably not super wide.  Only, to my surprise, when I looked for some at Joann’s the other day, the only thing suitable was quite wide, somewhat heavy, and priced at over $10 a yard.  So I’m contemplating whether it’s worth the price, if it isn’t really what I want, and whether it’s worth it to buy online (so hard to know how soft or scratchy something might be when you can’t touch it).  I’m not thinking about it very hard, but just sort of mulling it over in the back of my mind.

So, you know, no deep thoughts here…  not today, anyway.  Maybe tomorrow?