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Do any of my readers happen to speak/read German?  It’s kindof a random question, I know.  It’s all because this morning I was seeking refuge from the dismal thing we call politics in ridiculously cute Christmas knitting ideas.  A friend had forwarded me a link to what is possibly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen: A Mini Knit Hats Advent Calendar.  Only there’s one little problem.  The pattern is in German, and while Google translate may be helpful to give you the gist of things, it’s not very useful when you need to know exactly how many stitches they want you to decrease in row 5.  And while I did take that Theological German class a while back, they didn’t really cover common German knitting abbreviations.  (However, if you’d like a rough translation of Karl Barth, you don’t mind if I use four dictionaries and twelve handouts, and you don’t really care about grammar, I’m your girl.)  So, you know, if anyone would like to help…

In other news, this is one of those all I have time to post is that I’m still alive kind of days.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a little more slack in my day.  However, for now I need to pack up things at work so that I can actually leave on time, go buy a birthday present for a coworker, bring it back here to work, head over to the Dayton Mall for a class at 5:30, followed by picking up something I need at Joanne’s, possibly followed by swing dancing, except I’m still going to be in my polyester work uniform, and I don’t really want to dance in that.  Anyway, once all that is done I get to go home.  And sleep.  Maybe.