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Yesterday I got a baby delivery (note: not delivered a baby).  A man came up the front hill, carrying a package containing, not pizza or crab rangoons, but one sweet little infant just for me.  It was Mr. T, bringing me my little niece Sweet Pea to watch for a bit.

This was the first time I’d ever gotten her all to myself, so I was pretty stoked.  She, on the other hand, did not like being left by her daddy AT ALL.  There were actual tears (oh, the woe!).  It took, first much playing with a tangelo (the child has a deep interest in anything orange colored), and then a whole bag of cheerios to soothe her.

But after a while we even got a couple of actual smiles, so we knew everything was going to be ok.

We set up a playmat on the floor, and had a great time.

Alas, poor orange, I knew him well, Horatio…

And later on did a little snuggling.  After Sae came to pick up her daughter, we all headed over to the Family Homestead for dinner with Indy, Rosie, and AP.  Sweet Pea showed her love of God through her fascination with the cross AP wears.

Or maybe she just thought it looked edible…

I guess we’ll have to ask her after she learns how to talk…