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I did not manage to make it to Mass today.  I tried.  I noted down the time from the handy weekly e-mail my parish sends out, putting it both on my personal calendar and on my work calendar so I wouldn’t forget.  I left the house in plenty of time, and arrived at my destination early enough to pray for a few minutes before Mass started.  However, when I got there, I found it deserted, and the whole campus locked up.  Not daunted, I drove to another nearby parish, braving a  whole labyrinth of construction-related road closings to get there, only to discover that their Mass had started an hour earlier, and was just now getting out.  I even tried the downtown parish on my way home, with no luck.  And well, three strikes and you’re out.  At least God knows I tried.

Anyway, in honor of the awesome Feast of the Assumption, and in honor of the great gifts God gives in our lives, I give you this little gem of awesomeness:

For, lo, Sweet Pea has discovered her feet, and with impeccable baby logic, concluded that they must belong in her mouth.

This kid.  She’s kinda awesome.