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My sleep schedule is so messed up.  During the week I tend to be fairly disciplined.  I have to get to bed by a certain time so that I can wake up by a certain time so I can get to work on time.  Sometimes I can fudge the bedtime a little for a day or two, but then general exhaustion catches up with me and I’m back to the early bedtimes.  On weekends, things get a little sloppier.  Nobody really wants to get up that early unless they have to, so I don’t, and then I’m not tired when bedtime rolls around, so I stay up, and – well you know how this goes.  However, this weekend was a little extra special.

You see, a while back Pippi and I were talking about a particular tv show we both like.  We had been getting together with another friend to watch it, but then schedules got complicated, and that fell by the wayside.  Since the show is only available on cable, that meant I hadn’t watched most of the last season.  So we decided to do a weekend marathon of both seasons one & two to catch me, and one of Pippi’s work friends who is also interested, up on the show.  So Saturday afternoon, I headed over to Pippi’s house to watch tv.

As it turns out, we kinda stink at watching tv.  First there was the meet & greet part of the day, in which Pippi introduced me both to her work friend, and to her incredibly friendly pet bird.  The work friend was very nice, but this bird was, frankly, awesome.  He hopped onto my hand only seconds after being introduced, and later amused himself perching on the braids coiled on the top of my head, then flying down to sit on my shoulder.  At one point it felt like he was nibbling on the back of my neck (very forward of him, considering we’d just met, and he hadn’t even bought me a drink first).  I realized he was trying to eat the curls of hair that always work loose to coil at the nape of my neck when I wear my hair up.  Later, when I got out the baby blanket I’m crocheting an edging on, he was fascinated by my yarn and tried to chew on my crochet hook for some time.  It was fairly awesome.

After a couple of episodes, Pippi and I headed off to 4:45 Mass, while the friend stayed behind to keep the bird company.  After Mass, we decided that barbecue sounded like a very good idea, so we stopped by City BBQ to pick up some, followed by a stop at Target for further snacky things.  And then it was back to Pippi’s to keep watching.  A little later, Pippi’s mom arrived with a couple of extremely friendly dogs Pippi had agreed to watch for the night, so we took a puppy-cuddling break (I think the dogs were competing with each other for who could collect more pets).  And then it was back to the tv.  About 2am we finally hit the climactic finish of season one.  At that point, it was definitely time to go home!

I can never go to sleep right away when I get home, unless I’m so tired I’m beyond exhaustion.  I have to wind down a little – read a book or play a computer game or something else fairly mindless until my brain slows down enough that I can sleep.  Reading works pretty well, since when I’m tired enough I can fall asleep while reading.  However, computer games are dangerous.  They’re just mindless enough that they’re soothing, and just interesting enough that they keep me engaged, and you’re never really done.  If I’m not careful I get into that place where I’m too tired to think straight enough to know that I don’t want to play anymore.  Which is how I ended up finally going to bed at 4:30am, and waking up a bit after 1pm on Sunday.  And now it’s a bit past 2am Monday morning, and I’m writing a blog post while the laundry cycles.  After all, I’m going to need to get up to go to work in about four hours, and I’m going to need clean uniforms to wear!

In other news, the thing I’m very excited about these days is our ongoing home renovations.  You may recall that a while back Rosie & I redid our dining room, and had plans to redo the rest of the downstairs to match.  It’s a big project, involving a lot of plaster work, and some other necessary repairs before you can even get to the painting part.  We had hoped to get it done last summer, but then we ended up spending the summer getting rid of bed bugs instead.

This summer we are still bed bug free (thank you, sweet Jesus), so after Rosie recovered from her finals, she started in to prepping the house.  It’s been slow going.  The first burst of progress got interrupted by having to put everything back for a party, and then the second burst of progress got derailed by extreme heat.  For about a month our downstairs has been mostly a wasteland of furniture piled high with random things and covered in plastic, with drifts (literally) or plaster dust in all the corners.  I haven’t been much help – I can paint with the best of them, but when it comes to plaster, well, plaster dust + asthma = bad, bad combination.  However, Rosie has been soldiering heroically on.  The plastering is now complete, and we’re getting into the actual painting.

Our living room has been so ugly for so long that the prospect of having an actually pretty house is a little intoxicating.  I’ve been thinking lots of deep thoughts about curtains (white voile or batiste, I think, with wide pintucks at the bottom to give them structure, and possibly ribbon ties at the top), and whether the blue slipcover we currently have for the futon will clash with the cobalt blue accent wall (I think it will), and the best way to sew a cushion to go on top of an Ikea bookcase turned on its side to make a window seat in the sunroom.  It’s been a lot of fun thinking of ways to make our home look actually planned, and not just thrown together.

On another note, when I looked up that link to all my posts about getting rid of bed bugs, I started reading some of them, and remembering what things were like this time a year ago.  Man, you guys, last summer sucked!  I think one of the lowest times in my life was then, mostly because I couldn’t see any way that things were ever going to get better.  It’s still a miracle to me that they did get better, in ways I could never have foreseen.  I have been incredibly blessed!