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Sometimes the days just sortof slip away from you.  You’re busy doing things, working, making things, doing stuff with your family and friends, you know – the usual.  And then one day you realize suddenly realize that you haven’t done certain things, like, say, blogging in close to a month.  And you think,  “Wow, where did the time go?”  Which is a futile question.  No one ever knows where the time goes.  I mean, people write dissertations and books and learned treatises on where the time goes, and maybe in another life I would have too.  But that life is gone too, and so I’d much rather write about other things.

To begin with, a lot of my life the last month or so has been occupied with trying to take care of my leg.  You may recall that I did Something Bad to it a little while back.  At the time I wasn’t sure whether I’d torn the muscle in my calf, or merely strained it.  Then about a week after I got hurt, right about when I was starting to be able to walk short distances without the cane but while I was still going up and down the stairs on my hands & knees, the bruises started showing up, and that answered that question.  Apparently, I not only tore the muscle in my calf, I tore the crap out of it, and from the amount of bruising, there was a lot of blood.  I had a small bruise at the place where I actually injured myself, and huge bruises up and down both sides of my leg, behind my knee, plus around both ankles where the blood had pooled.  So then, just when the calf muscle was starting to heal, I was dealing with pain and swelling caused by the bruising.

So, you know, that was fun.  There were several days when I did what I had to do to make it through the work day, then came home and spent the rest of the day laying down with my foot up trying to make the swelling go away.  I had my doctor take a look at it when I saw him a bit ago, and he confirmed that there really isn’t much treatment for an injury like this, and it would be another couple of weeks before the bruises really went away.  So it looks like we’re in this for the long haul.

This also means that I haven’t been back to swing dancing since I hurt myself.  The first couple of weeks I was hurting too much to miss it, but now I’m starting to jones for it a little bit.  The other day I was in the store, and Fire by The Pointer Sisters came on.  As always, as soon as I heard the opening little bass line, I started looking around on the off chance that there was a guy who knows how to blues anywhere in the immediate vicinity.  So help me, when that song comes on, I don’t care where I am, I want to dance, and for the first time since I tore my calf, I really wanted to dance.  And it looks like maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to.  On Saturday two dear friends from swing dancing got married, and I danced very carefully to two songs at the reception.  I could definitely feel it in my calf, and the next day my leg was more sore than it had been in a while.  I can even still feel it today.  But I danced, and nothing horrible happened.  So I think we’re going to be good.

Another theme in my life lately (besides the pervasive oh crap my leg hurts theme) has been catching up with old friends.  Well, more specifically with Johnsy.  She and I used to live together, and were kinda joined at the hip for a while.  After I moved in with Rosie & Johnnycakes (mostly cuz I desperately needed cheaper rent), we tried to keep up the relationship, but both of us are busy people, and bad at keeping in touch.  We also are the two people I know whose voicemail boxes are almost always full.  We would see each other every once in a while, but for the most part, we lost touch.  Then one day I ran into her again, and then we exchanged a few texts, and then she invited me out to Bravo’s where she needed to use up a couple of gift cards.  It turned out that it was Girls Night Out for the old Women’s Group crowd – we had ‘Sup Doc, Pookah, and Pixie Girl with Little Miss Stinker and Baby Bear.  We sat in the bar area, with Little Miss Stinker on the banquette between me and ‘Sup Doc, ate appetizers, and had a great time.  It was a little like our own version of Sex and the City, except with toddlers and no alcohol, and the only people having sex were the married ones.

The next week Johnsy came to lunch at my work, which was awesome.  I introduced her to Sarge & Selleck, and we told them about the good old days of going off-roading with Johnsy’s wheelchair, and that day when Johnsy’s wheelchair decided to make a break for freedom.  Then Sarge asked Johnsy to give them the dirt on me, and I decided that it was time for us to go get lunch.  Immediately.  Later they came down and joined us for lunch.  At one point, I made Johnsy laugh so hard just after she’d taken a drink of water that she snorted water out of her nose, which made me laugh so hard that apparently I turned bright red and started crying.  Both Sarge & Selleck just put down their food and turned to watch us.  It was pretty awesome.

The sad thing is that, just as Johnsy and I are reconnecting, Johnsy is leaving.  When I first met her, she was about to start working on her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.  That got derailed when her health deteriorated, and she ended up getting her MS instead.  However, she’s always wanted to finish what she started, and this summer she’s moving to Rochester, NY to get her degree at the University there.  She’s staying just long enough for one more Midsummer’s party, and then she’ll be gone.  And I will miss her.

There is more blogging goodness ahead – I have cute pictures of Sweet Pea to show you, plus we’ve got Midsummers and Family Vacation coming up (always good for lots of good blogging content).  Also, I keep getting asked what is it that I actually do at my job.  I mean, when I say that I work in HR, that doesn’t mean a while lot to most people.  So the other morning I kept a log of all the things I did.  I’ll be sharing that with you sometime soon.

See you then!