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So you know you’ve been spending too much time in a hospital when your wake up song, “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” (my love for which is well documented), sounds to your ears like “I Want A Cute Phlebotomist For Christmas.”  And just so you know, the reason why that particular song is my wake up tone is because it’s just annoying enough that I’ll wake up, and just endearing enough that I don’t want to hit people when I do.  (The Breakfast Song by The Newsboys also falls into this category, btw.)  But, um, yeah.

Also, in the Guys Are Strange category, one of my friends recently purchased a new car.  This is a big deal for him, his first brand new car, and he’d been kinda preoccupied with it for a while (understandably so).  When he finally got the car, he wanted to show it off.  So he brought it around, and I went out to see it.  It’s quite a car, the kind of low slung black monster that looks like it’s snarling at the world on the front end, and ready to leave everything behind in the dust on the back.  It’s really a perfect car for him.

So he’s showing the car off, and talking about his plans to get the Supercharger when it’s released, and tinting the windows, and stuff.  Then suddenly he starts pointing out all the safety features, the multiple air bags, and blind spot sensors, and the really very roomy trunk (Me: “You could fit a couple of bodies in there!”), all of which make it “a good family car.”  I just had to laugh.  Friends, this is not a family car.  This is a car in which, perhaps, my friend might start a family.  But I really don’t see this particular car waiting in the preschool pickup line.

In other news, I get to see The Young Queen tonight.  She’s finished her first year of grad school at Notre Dame, and is heading to her summer internship in West Virginia (Me: So, you know what’s between Indiana and West Virginia, right?), so she’s making a pit stop in Dayton.  I haven’t seen her since summer before last, so I’m looking forward to this a lot!

Other than that, I don’t have a lot to report.  Work has been going well.  Home life has been pretty uneventful.  My car got fixed, and has been running like a charm.  On Wednesday I danced on my ankle again for the first time since I sprained it, and it didn’t hurt too badly, so it looks like that is healing well.  Flo came to have lunch with me on Thursday, which was fun.  And today I’m going to get to see The Young Queen.  Life is good.