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Sometimes I get restless.  I get bored.  I start feeling sortof… on edge.  Without realizing it, I start wanting to take risks.  Cut corners.  Do something… inadvisable.  I’m itching for an adventure, a jolt of adrenaline, something different enough to break up the routine.  I want something fun.  Sometimes I find what I’m looking for, and I end up, say, watching high speed car chases in the police office, or trying to plant a light up manger scene king and headless cow outside my sisters’ house late at night, or, you know, stuff.  It doesn’t have to be something big, just a little something kinda stupid, and then I’m good for a while.  Sometimes I don’t get what I’m looking for, and I’m just vaguely cranky and dissatisfied, thinking dark thoughts about how boring and dreary my life is for a little while until I snap out of it, and all is well again.  At least for a while.

Last week I was feeling restless.  I wanted something, and I didn’t know what it was.  Combined with the usual birthday “you’re getting irreversibly older, and are really old now instead of just sortof old like you were last birthday” angst, I was spoiling for something big.  For a while it looked like I would be disappointed.  Everyone else in my life seemed bent on being, like, respectable.  Responsible.  Boring.  No one seemed at all interested in breaking out of their routine.  It made me sad.

And then, on Wednesday, things changed, and without realizing it, I embarked on, not one big adventure, but a couple of small adventures that served just as well.  It happened while I was sitting in Dublin Pub, having a CL Leadership Team meeting.  We had pretty much finished the business part, and were mostly sitting around talking.  A man started making a circuit of the bar, stopping at each table and talking to the people there.  When he got to our table he told us that he had four tickets to the Dayton Dragon’s game that night (that’s our minor league baseball team).  He couldn’t use them, and he was willing to give them away to anyone who would be willing to use them.  At first, all of us turned them down.  Everyone had plans, or obligations, or things they really ought to be doing on a Wednesday night in order to be responsible citizens.  I even thought guiltily of Wednesday Night Swing, which I’d skipped last week due to my sprained ankle (still not completely healed, btw), and turned them down.

After the man left, those of us still at the table kinda looked at each other.  Sugar Ray confessed that he would be really, really tempted to go if someone else were willing to go too.  Then Flo pointed out that, since she’s still on leave after her ankle surgery, she didn’t have to be at work the next day.  And little by little, I started letting myself be tempted until finally I said I would go home to change my clothes (I had no intention of attending a ballgame wearing my lovely, lovely polyester work uniform), do my best to find a taker for the fourth ticket, and meet them at the ballpark.  We asked the waitress if the guy with the tickets was still around, he was, and just like that, we were going to a baseball game.

It was a perfect night for baseball.  The sky was blue and clear, there was an early moon out, the air was soft and warm, and there was just enough breeze to make things entirely comfortable.  It was lovely.  The view was markedly improved by the opposing team’s third base coach.  Flo particularly enjoyed that part so much that towards the end I took a video of him running from the dugout to his post just for her.  And then while the three of us were talking, somehow we got around to the fact that The Avengers was coming out that weekend, and that all three of us really wanted to see it.  Sugar Ray said that his weekend was really booked up, but that he could maybe go to the Thursday midnight premiere.  Flo again mentioned that she didn’t have to get up for work the next day, so she was game for just about anything, and just like that we had a plan to go see Avengers late Thursday night, and I started texting people to see who else wanted to come along.

In the end, we were able to assemble a small company.  The first person to really commit was PM, whose initial weak protests that he would be all sweaty from lacrosse practice were easily overcome. (Him: “Midnight is really late for me… If someone volunteers to let me shower at their place, and if I can somehow feed myself and keep myself busy until midnight… I am willing to forego all sense of reason, I will ignore all responsibility and prolly show up to work on Friday as a zombie, I am willing to go.” Me: “I like your spirit, sir!”)  In the end both Sugar Ray and Flo ended up bowing out, so it was myself, Indy, Pippi, and PM who headed off to the movie theatre on Thursday night.

Friends, Avengers was awesome.  So awesome.  I won’t say any more about it because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (which – why not?  Go now!), but it was worth staying up stupidly late, paying a ridiculous price to see it in 3D, getting three hours of sleep before getting up again to go to work, and having to fight my way through the day.  It was worth all of it.  It was that good.  Also, remember back last August when I was IMing with Zanzibar, and we decided that I was going to marry Captain America, but Z could have Tony Stark for his awesome eccentric uncle, and we’d split Thor as our big brother (tickle fights with Thor.  Nuf said.)?  Yeah, Ryan Gosling may still technically be the man for me, but sigh… those tall manly men with the blue eyes and sterling characters are sure tempting.  And just like that, I’d had my dose of adventure for a little while.

Also, I should mention that my birthday was Tuesday, and it was a good one.  I got ridiculously spoiled at work.  When I arrived, I found the hugest balloon boquet I’ve ever seen, plus roses and a card from my boss & coworkers.  All morning people kept popping in to say Happy Birthday, which puzzled me, because how did they know?  The volunteer services ladies brought me a very sweet present, and the head chef from the cafeteria personally brought me a special birthday cupcake that looked like the archetype of all cupcakes, with three inches of pink icing and sprinkles.

My parents and Pippi came to have lunch with me, and that was when I discovered how so many people somehow knew that it was my birthday.  It seems that one of my work friends had taken a birthday card around to half the people in the hospital and gotten them to sign it, and had it waiting for me in the cafeteria with another balloon (Me as I’m shepherding my parents out into the cafeteria seating area: “Now let’s find a seat… oh, it looks like I already have a seat!”)  And then there were more presents, including Star Wars Lego watches from Pippi.  She had originally been going to just get me one watch, but then she realized that the included figures came complete with lightsabers, so she had to get me two so they could fight. For the rest of the day my work desk was one big bower of balloons and flowers and gift bags.  It was rather amazing.

I am loved. 🙂