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This is so weird for me.  For the first time in years, I am working on Good Friday.  It just feels wrong.  Good Friday was always this sort of very solemn holiday.  You didn’t have to go in to work, and you got to sleep in, but you still had to spend a significant chunk of the afternoon in church thinking about Christ’s death on the cross.  Today, however, I got up at the usual time (well, a little late), dressed in my lovely, lovely navy polyester uniform, and headed in to work just as usual.  So strange.

This week has been a bit odd in general.  It started off with a bang on Monday morning when I finally, finally moved in to my new offices.  I was so ready to go – by 8am I had all my stuff packed up in boxes and bags, and already loaded on the cart I’d borrowed from Shipping & Receiving.  So of course the guy who comes specially every time I move to personally oversee the transfer of the badge printer messaged me to say that he wouldn’t be there until 9:30.  At which point I had to unpack a few things so that I could do some work while I waited.  But eventually he showed up, everything got moved, and I could start the process of arranging things and settling in.

The new offices, honestly, are beautiful.  They are bright and open and airy.  You feel like you can breathe here.  From where I sit I can look straight out a huge window and see trees and grass and open sky.  There is room to spread out here.  Someone pointed out that my desk is as big as my whole office used to be, and when I looked I realized that he was right.  I have a printer/copier I can use without bothering the ED nurses.  I have my storage room and file room right next to me, so now getting someone’s uniform takes five minutes instead of twenty-five.  I have a little waiting area, so now when I have a line people have somewhere to sit instead of having to hang out in the hall.  I even have flat surfaces where I can put out brochures and coupons and all the other random goodies that a good HR office ought to have.  All in all, it’s pretty wonderful.

Unfortunately, what is also is, is kinda lonely.  My old office was tiny, but it was right at the heart of the hospital, and right next to my friends.  My new office is kinda tucked back around a corner in a part of the hospital that opened up so recently a lot of people don’t realize yet that it exists.  So while I still get plenty of business, I don’t have so much of Sarge dropping in to tell me the latest outrageous thing someone did, or Sir Walter coming to show me pictures of his new baby, or the ED manager running in to grab chocolate from my candy dish because she forgot to eat lunch again.  I was getting rather mopey about this yesterday, starting to think gloomy thoughts about how this was just a prettier version of the trailer, when the day took a dramatic turn for the better.

You see, Pippi had come to have lunch with me on Tuesday.  While we were eating, Atlas stopped by our table, and started telling us hilarious stories about all the random interactions police officers have with the public.  Pippi and I didn’t even get halfway through our lunches because we were laughing so hard.  In the course of the conversation, Atlas mentioned that Selleck has dashboard cam videos of arrests and high speed chases, and just random stuff that he’s done which apparently make for very entertaining viewing.  Of course, you can’t tell us something like that and not expect us to want to see them for ourselves.  And right then Selleck came down to the cafeteria to find out what was taking Atlas so long, so both Pippi and I turned our imploring eyes on him and asked if he would bring them in so that we could watch them.  So, you know, he said he would.  And honestly, it would take a man of deep moral fiber to resist both me and Pippi once we pull out the imploring eyes.  Or even without the imploring eyes.  Just saying.

Yesterday Selleck said that he had the videos, so I texted Pippi and told her to come for lunch.  Selleck brought the thumb drive to our new office, but it turned out my computer didn’t have the right software to play them.  After all the build up, I couldn’t let a little thing like that stop us.  So I suggested that we should go back to the police office and watch them there.  This was pushing things a bit – they’re really not supposed to have non-officers hanging out in there watching videos.  But I was having too much fun to let a little thing like that stop me, and Selleck didn’t seem to mind.  So off we went.  This time the videos played just fine, and we got through one very high speed chase (apparently the police car Selleck has for his other job is the really, really fast one), and had almost got to the dramatic finish when the two top police officers suddenly pulled up, and we all had to scram as fast as we could.  Which was also, in its own way, fun.

This whole little adventure cheered me up no end, and I finished the day much more cheerfully.  And then in the evening I headed out to St. Anthony’s for the Mass of Our Lord’s Supper followed by Adoration, and the beginning of the three holiest days of the year.  And it was good.

This weekend there will be a lot of going to church (of course), though this time we’ll have our own ridiculously adorable infant along with us.  The whole family will be coming to St. Anthony’s with me, which I’m looking forward to a lot.  I love my parish very much, so I’m excited about sharing it with them.  And then next week I’m told that the rest of my HR team is going to start spending more time over here (I mean, I even bought them post-it notes!), so hopefully my mopey days will be entirely in the past.  And that will also be very, very good.

Happy Triduum!