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Yesterday, I got off work as soon as I could (very nearly snarled at the last person who stopped into my office half an hour past my official closing time with “just a quick question”), jumped into my car and drove down to Cincinnati through the pouring rain storm to meet a certain little person.  On Thursday, at 8:32pm, Sae had given birth to her and Mr. T’s firstborn daughter, and I needed to meet her for myself.

When I got there, AnniPotts and one of Sae’s friends were also visiting, but I quickly took my chance to hold my new niece for the first time.  We just kinda looked at each other for a while.  I don’t know what she saw (except the grin that would not leave my face), but I saw a tiny baby (only 5lbs, 14oz) with a long, skinny body, and huge eyes that look very hard at everything.

All bundled up she looks for all the world like a tiny, skinny pea pod, just filling out with baby peas.  Which is why I’m going to call her Sweet Pea.

She also has tiny, perfect little feet that she kept poking out of the bottom of her swaddling blanket.  This is AnniPotts’ hand holding them.  I’m betting she’s going to be one of those people who has to be completely covered up, except for one foot poking out from under the blankets at all times.

After a while she fell asleep in my arms.  Which was pretty much the best thing ever.

You have to concentrate really hard on sleeping when you’re only a day old.  It’s true.  After a while Sweet Pea started to wake up, and it was time for her to eat.  So I said good-bye, and headed out.

When I got outside, the storm was over, and there was a double rainbow in the sky. And it was good.