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This gorgeous early summer weather in March has been kinda fun this year.  On Monday night, the room where we were having our swing dancing lesson was so hot and stuffy that my students pleaded to go outside, especially since we  were going to work on Charleston, a dance that definitely makes you sweat.  How could I resist?  Plus, I didn’t want to sweat in that stuffy room either.  So we grabbed our stuff and headed up to the rooftop terrace overhead.  And it was so beautiful.  The dorm is already high up on a steep hill, so it was like dancing up in the sky while night gradually fell, and the lights of downtown spread out beneath us became more and more brilliant.  The air was soft, and there was a perfect breeze.  It was like something out of a daydream or a movie – just gorgeous.

Also on Monday, my dancing students made a play to have all the various Coolness Points I’ve been awarding them converted into Brownie Points, which then they argued should translate into actual brownies.  I was very struck by this logic, but realized that this might involve actually keeping track of the random points I’ve been awarding, and that was way too much like actual work.  So I countered with an offer of brownies for everyone with no counting of points involved.  They seemed pretty happy with that.

I haven’t talked about work much lately, mostly because I figured you guys had probably heard enough about it to last you for a while.  But things have started slowing down a little to a more normal pace.  Now when I stay late it’s at more because I want to hang out with C than because I have way more work than any living person can do in any normal working day.  I actually get to leave when it’s light out, and have this thing called free time when I get home.  It’s been amazing.

Another side effect of things getting a little more relaxed at work has been hijinks.  Apparently Sarge and Selleck, two of my police officer buddies, found Frankie’s computer unlocked, and decided to log onto the work-approved IM system and start sending me schmoopy messages.  It didn’t really work, mostly because I knew immediately that whoever was on the other end, it definitely wasn’t Frankie, plus I simply didn’t have time that morning to play.  So it mostly made Frankie blush a lot when he found out (he blushes well, though not as well as C).

I could have just left it at that, but you can’t let guys mess with you and just get away with it.  You have to do something.  So the next day I got some friends to help me by calling in bogus requests for them to come unlock doors all over the hospital.  So they spent a chunk of their morning running around the hospital unlocking doors for people who never showed up.  It was pretty sweet.

I still haven’t moved into our new offices.  All the furniture is set up, and it looks beautiful.  But the phones aren’t set up, and the data port for my computer is located  as far away from my computer as it possibly could be and still be in the same room.  I have no idea when it’s going to be fixed, and I can’t move until it’s done.  Every once in a while I go over and look longingly at it.  It’s a little like the Promised Land, and I’m Moses who only gets to look at it from afar.

And then something else amazingly exciting happened today.  It’s not really my news to tell, so you’ll just have to wait.  But, um, yeah.  😀

Edited to add: I’ve now updated my Cast of Thousands page to include my police buddies’ nicknames, and (for the first time ever) included short explanations of where the nicknames come from.  Enjoy!