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Sunday afternoon when we were at the Family Homestead for St. Patrick’s day brunch (we had reubens: they are corned beef & cabbage, after all), Sae asked me if she could borrow some shirts.  When she was buying her pregnancy wardrobe, she wasn’t counting on the ridiculously warm weather this year.  So all her larger shirts are long sleeved, and geared towards keeping her warm in cold weather.  Considering the current highs in the 70s, and realizing that she’s not going to immediately spring back into her pre-pregnancy shape for some time after this kid finally decides to join us in the sunshine, she needs a little wardrobe help.

I had coincidentally just packed up a big bag of stuff to take down to Goodwill, so I headed home to get it, plus a few other things I thought she might get some good use of.  And now she’s got some well-washed swing dance shirts in her wardrobe, plus one of the t-shirts I inherited from Jacob, plus the Our Lady of Guadelupe t-shirt she originally gave me some years ago.  And it was nice.

Sae is so ready to have this baby.  Her official due date was Thursday, so now she’s overdue.  Today while she was home, Mom brought out the bags of baby clothes she had stored, the very favorite things she’d saved through all her pregnancies, and kept for nineteen years since Boy-O grew out of them.  She also brought out the christening gown that all of us were baptized in – a delicate embroidered thing of fine white batiste, with drawn thread work, and tiny white matching shoes.  It was passed down on her side of the family, and hopefully will keep being passed down.

I wish that Big Brother’s son could be baptized in that gown too.  I got to see pictures of him for the first time earlier this week.  He is so sweet.  (You can see for yourself on Indy’s blog.)  He is also still missing a name, though the deadline is coming fast.  So hopefully soon we’ll know his name.

Speaking of our expanding family, Boy-O is also adding to the family.  He and his roommates have adopted a baby sugar glider.  It’s also still waiting for a name, though Captain Nutters is a strong contender.  I think even a sugar glider needs a better name than that.  But it’s three young men and a baby sugar glider, which is about as ridiculously cute as a small marsupial can be.  It’s also a recipe for a sitcom.  I predict hijinks.

Saturday night Flo came to the St. Patrick’s day hang out at my house.  She looked at me, and said, “What a difference a year makes, right?”  And I had to laugh.