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So before I get to explaining this picture of pinata-y magnificence, I should perhaps mention that I am now an Aunt, not just a step-Aunt (which is pretty awesome all in itself) but a full Aunt, the Aunt of a nephew to be precise – a little scrap of humanity running about 7lbs, 11.5 oz and 22 inches long, currently resting after his ordeal along with his family in Korea.  Yup, Sunny had the baby, Big Brother is now a father, and we have a brand new baby in the family for the first time since we brought Boy-O home from the hospital twenty years ago.

Yeah, it feels pretty darn good.  I was at the shoe store looking at work shoes when I got the news, and I started crying right there in the clearance aisle.  And then I had to text half the people I know to tell them the news.  And then I had to explain to the sales clerk, that, no, a bird had not somehow gotten into the store – that was my text alert sound from all the reply texts I was getting.  And it was fairly awesome.

One thing the kid is still missing (besides getting cooed at in person by all his aunts and uncles, which is going to have to wait until we can assemble the cash to get the kid and his mama here) is a name.  You see Big Brother is really Big Brother IV, so the question is whether we’re going to have a Big Brother V, or if Big Brother and Sunny are going to strike out in some other direction.  And then if they strike out in a new direction (which is likely, since I don’t think Big Brother has ever much liked his name), how will they honor the child’s heritage, both Korean and Western.  So it will be interesting to see what Sunny and Big Brother choose.

In other news it has been a pretty darn good weekend all ’round, with lots of quality girl time, which is exactly what I needed.  The week had been a hard kind of roller coaster.  I’m not going to blog about why, but it’s safe to say that by the time Friday rolled around I was really ready to see my girls.  Luckily, this weekend is Pippi’s birthday, and Little J had planned a surprise birthday party for her, and asked me to bring the pinata.  I love pinatas.  But I didn’t want to go with the usual cardboard Dora the Explorer stuff at the local supermart.  So I headed down to the combination Asian/Hispanic specialty store down on Airway, and poked around to see if they had pinatas.  And oh, boy, did they ever!  There was the turquois and blue unicorn, and the big red burro with the huge ears, and then, in the midst of them, this big orange foo dog.  Or lion.  Or whatever he is.  All I knew was that he was awesome, and I needed to take him home.

So I did.  And then I took him to The Pessimist’s house, where we hugged him and kissed him, stuffed him full of candy, and then battered him to bits with a stick.  It was great. Then I brought his head home with me, and stuck it in the corner of the living room as a trophy.

No, I’m not disturbed.  Why do you ask?

It was an excellent party.  Apart from the pinata, I ended up sitting at a table with Flo and Mo and The Girl Next Door and Jar Jar’s Friend, playing Rummy and laughing until I cried at the really stupid jokes off the Laffy Taffy wrappers.  I haven’t laughed like that in a while, the kind of laughing when you start having trouble breathing, and everyone just keeps laughing and laughing until you don’t really know what you’re laughing at anymore.  These days this mostly happens around my family, usually after my brothers have tickled me into fits, and then Boy-O starts making jokes about Wheezy, and you know, it goes from there.  But this time all I needed was my friends and some really, really stupid jokes.

Saturday I did some necessary shopping, and then met up with Pippi to head up to Flo’s house.  We haven’t seen much of Flo lately since she’s been on the Disabled List after ankle surgery.  I’ve missed her, though I’ve been so busy it’s been hard to realize how much I’d missed hearing her laugh.  So we headed up to have dinner together, catch up on everything that’s been going on, and just be together.  It was really, really good, and we laughed a lot!

And now it’s the beginning of another week.  And while I’m kinda hoping that this one goes better, I couldn’t ask for a better weekend!