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So my brain feels a little like cornmeal mush, and mostly I want to crawl into bed where it’s warm and read a few pages of a book before I pass out, but I have laundry in the washer and brownies in the oven, so I’m up.  I would be wasting time on facebook, except it’s been so long since I was on there that everything feels like walking into a conversation that’s already halfway through.  So I’m blogging.  Enjoy!

The reason my brain feels like mush is because today I worked eight hours, clocked out and went to a doctor’s appointment followed by an attempt to pick up prescriptions (unsuccessful), then went back to work where I stayed until eight o’clock, over twelve hours since I had clocked in this morning.  These hours are because this week I was informed that the hospital inspectors are on their way, and a big part of the inspection is auditing the employee files to make sure that records of licensures, background checks, certifications, regular evaluations, and current job descriptions (among other things) are all properly present and accounted for.  And it’s part of my job to make sure all of those things are in their proper places in the employee files for them to find.

These are the employee files which, until Monday, were not actually at my hospital, but scattered in various hospitals and medical facilities around the area, depending on where our employees had transferred in from. While I knew that eventually they would all be brought to me, and I’d be in charge of organizing and storing them, I had thought that it wouldn’t be until after we were moved into our real offices.  You see, keeping employee files on the premises requires secure storage, something I didn’t have either in the trailer, or in my little closet masquerading as my temporary office.  The first I knew that they were coming to me earlier was on Monday morning when one of my co-workers showed up in my office, told me that she had a back seat full of employee files, and asked where I would like her to put them.  Even then I didn’t realize the scope of the project.  I thought perhaps we just needed to have the files physically on the premises.  I didn’t connect it to the idea that inspectors might want to actually look at them.  I found that part out late Tuesday afternoon.

The inspectors may be here as soon as next Monday or Tuesday.

Guess what I’m probably doing this weekend!

The good part is that I have help – two of the members of my HR team, plus a temporary helper are actually taking on most of the load.  Plus there’s the police officers who have been endlessly patient about letting us in and out of the locked room we found to store the files, and tonight even helped us carry the boxes back into storage from the nurses’s station where we’d spread things out to work on them.  This is why there are currently brownies in the oven.  Because men who carry heavy things deserve baked goods.   Plus, the pragmatic side of me can’t resist adding, if they know that good things are in store for them if they help you, they’ll be even more willing to help next time.  Not that it was hard to convince them this time around, but still.

In the meantime, I’m taking steps to help make my life more livable.  I’m slowly easing things off my plate.  For example, Indy is going to take over my ESL tutoring gig, and another person is going to carry the key for my regular Tuesday night thing so I don’t have to panic when I’m running late, and you know, like that.  And maybe one day my work will ease off, so I can only work eight hours instead of nine or ten or twelve.  It would be glorious to actually go home while it’s still light out once or twice.  Of course, that leaves less opportunities for flirting with police officers on the second shift, but still.  We must all make sacrifices.  And maybe soon I’ll have more time for things like dancing, or blogging, or actually having a life.  And it will be good!