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Today I am working different hours for a special work event.  Instead of my usual 7:30 to 4 (or actually more like 6 or 6:30 these days), my boss asked me to work from noon to 8.  Usually when I’m not going to be here for some reason, I post a special sign on my door letting people know.  I meant to do that this time too, but with one thing and another, it slipped my mind until I suddenly remembered when I was about halfway home.  At that point, going back would have made me late for my next thing, and I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal.  So I just let it go.

Apparently, I was wrong.  It seems that when I didn’t show up at my usual time, my buddies at the police desk started to get worried.  People needed to have badges made, and I wasn’t there.  Where could I be?  Things were Not Right in their world.  They even had me paged a couple of times on the hospital intercom, and I still didn’t show up.  Finally one of them had the bright idea that maybe they should call the other hospital where the rest of my team is located, and see if they knew where I was.  Luckily the people there were able to tell them that everything was fine, I was just working different hours, and they didn’t need to actually send a police officer to my house to get me.  Which, apparently, they were thinking about doing.  So when I finally walked into the hospital today, I was greeted by several still slightly alarmed men in police uniforms, all wearing that expression your mother wore when you were late coming home and didn’t call.

All of this is rather adorable (also somewhat aggravating, though we’re trying to focus on the adorable).  Still, if I’m going to have a cute and friendly police officer showing up on my doorstep, I’d like to know about it advance so I can be sure to wear my cute jammies.  I definitely wasn’t wearing my cute jammies this morning.  I was wearing the thermal ones with the legs that drag on the floor, and my favorite sweater, and my hair all in tangles.  It’s a good thing they thought to call the other location first!  Also, if I ever have to take a sick day, I’ll have to make sure to give them a call after I call my boss, just to make sure they don’t worry.

And honestly, it’s not such a bad thing on the day after St. Valentine’s for a single girl to find out that there are a few guys who care about whether or not she shows up.