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Sometimes, when you start a new job, they don’t tell you what the perks are going to be.  Like really hot security guards.  They don’t tell you about that.  You just have to find out for yourself, the day you meet the head of security (you know, the guy you’ve been e-mailing multiple times a day about security clearances), and he’s six foot plus of manly pulchritude, complete with deep blue eyes fringed with thick, dark lashes, and a quiet, almost bashful manner.  And then there’s his staff, every man of them apparently picked for his ability to turn female brains to jelly just by walking by.  It’s ridiculous.  And of course my new office is twenty feet away from the security desk.  I swear, it’s like working with the cast of Zoolander.  It makes me feel so shallow, but still, the fact that I’ve got so much gorgeousness strolling past my door (and, you know, occasionally stopping by) definitely goes a long way towards making this job a lot more fun.

It helps that  they’ve all been really sweet guys too, at least the ones I’ve talked to.  The other day the one with the amazing eyes saw that I was opening approximately twenty million boxes of uniforms with my not-so-sharp desk scissors, and gave me his special, super-sharp police knife to open them with instead.  It was awesome – the packing tape practically fell off the boxes before I even got around to cutting it.  But then, most of the guys around here have been very sweet.  The IT guys have been almost disturbingly willing, nay, eager to get me whatever I want the instant I hint that I might have been possibly thinking about wanting it.  On Tuesday at lunchtime I told my boss that it would be really nice to have a scanner that I didn’t have to go back out to the trailers to use, and before my lunch was half digested, I had all three guys from the IT department down in my office installing a nice little desktop model that not only scans both sides of a paper at once, but can handle different page sizes in the same scan, and came with Adobe Acrobat.  And it’s not just them.  Our facilities director seems almost upset that I can’t come up with more things that I need.  The mischief part of me is tempted to see how far I can push this, but honestly there isn’t much more that is reasonable for me to ask for while I’m in temporary quarters, and I don’t want to spoil things for the time down the road when I will have real favors to ask.  I just have to hope that they’ll still be in the giving frame of mind when I actually need something!

Besides the abundance of really, really ridiculously good-looking men in my corner of the world, what my life has mostly been since they moved me out of the trailer into the building Monday morning has been busy.  Crazy busy.  Busy like I haven’t been in a long time.  People lined up out my office door and down the hallway busy.  Having to lock my door and hide to eat my lunch sandwich in peace busy.  I think I’ve only been this busy a few times before in my life, and those times mostly involved coordinating movie premieres, or arranging a month’s retreat schedule, housing, and travel arrangements for a traveling youth ministry team, or things like that.  I think this is the first time I’ve been this busy and actually got paid for it.  Which is kinda amazing, if you think about it.  Things have quieted down a little, but I’m still running all day.  I pretty much collapse as soon as I get home.  Wednesday night I fully intended to go to dancing, but then I fell asleep on the couch before I ever got there.  I’m sure that soon things will calm down a little, and I’ll get acclimated to the new pace, and I won’t be so exhausted, but it will take a little while.

In the meantime, this is looking like a very full weekend.  Tonight Grace is having a small bonfire.  I may have possibly instigated this solely for the selfish purpose of having somewhere to burn the pine branches I used to decorate my house for Christmas.  Then Saturday morning is our First Saturday Women’s group in the morning, and a birthday dinner for Mr. T and Fleur on the evening.  On Sunday I’ve heard there’s going to be a football game or something.  The Pessimist has bough a special tv just for the purpose, and is having everybody over to help break it in.  And then it will be Monday again, and I’ll be back at the hospital with the really, really ridiculously good looking guys.

Life is good!