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I can’t believe I have the windows open in January.  It’s just wrong.  But then, so is sweltering to death because of all the afternoon sun flooding into the room.  And, yeah, I know, my life is sooo hard.  The very idea, working in a place with actual windows through which actual sunlight (not to mention fresh air) can travel, windows that are even visible from my work station.  Amazing.  I mean, the last time I could actuall see out of the windows of any place I worked without having to get up and walk somewhere was… maybe three years ago?  Four?  I used to be able to see out a small slice of window at Ex-Job1, but then we got new office furniture, and Boss2 (the annoying one) made them put up just enough of a wall so that 1) she was no longer visible from the main office door (God forbid people might actually see her there and, like, ask her to do things), and 2) I could no longer see out of any windows at all.  Ex-Job2 had amazing windows, but they were all far on the other side of the bullpen from my little cubicle, so it didn’t actually help me any.  The people who were by the windows, of course, had one of the best views in Dayton (including the small herd of deer that would occasionally graze its way across the front lawn), but it didn’t do much for the rest of us.  Anyway, I digress.  The point of this is that first, I am working in a place with windows (note the “s”), there is sunshine coming through these windows, and since the day is ridiculously warm, particularly given that it is currently January and not, say, April, these windows are open.

This place where I’m working, which has this miraculous multiplicity of windows, also happens to be a trailer, but we don’t press that point.  We overlook it.

As you may have gathered, I have now transitioned from multiple jobs into only one job.  I have cleared out my various desks, taken my things down off all of the bulletin boards, including the drawing of a buff young Jedi Indy drew for me on the back of a Panera paper bag during a somewhat boring CL meeting years ago, intended to illustrate my future young Padawan learner, the postcard from the NE Girl Jam I went to years ago (still the best design for a swing dancing event postcard I’ve ever seen), the prayer card from Sae & Mr. T’s wedding, and lots of other little things I’ve pinned up over the years.  I pulled my boxes of tea, the ziplock bag of powdered milk, and my bottle of Tabasco sauce from the bottom desk drawer, washed my coffee cups and the big plastic tumbler I use to make blackteawithmilk, and packed everything into a spare grocery bag.  I transferred all my files onto my external hard drive, deleted everything personal off of the office computer, and turned my work ID, office keys, and official letter of resignation in to Boss J.  By the time I was done it was well past quitting time, so I shut the computer down for the last time, and gathered up my stuff.  Big Boss walked me out to my car and gave me one last hug, and then I was done, driving away into the dusk.

There was more to it than that, of course.  Job2 gave me good-bye bagels and a gift certificate to KnitPicks.  Job1 threw me a good-bye luncheon down at Jimmy’s Ladder 11.  There were a lot of people there, which was nice to see, and they all said lovely things about me.  For my going away present, they gave me a Coach bag, which was awesome.  I’ve been needing a new purse since my beloved black and silver bucket bag irretrievably bit the dust.  I’ve found a few temporary things since then, but nothing was just right.  Either it wasn’t big enough to hold all my stuff plus my knitting (one of the most crucial factors for a bag), or it was so open that stuff fell out at the slightest provocation, or it was made from cheap material, or something.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and for the last couple of months I’ve been periodically stalking it on e-bay, but I still hadn’t found quite what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay.  Apparently I told one of my co-workers more about my search than I realized when we were hanging out after the Christmas luncheon, and she decided that she was going to find me the perfect bag as my going-away present.  And I think she just might have succeeded.  It’s big enough to hold all the stuff that I carry, made of black leather (which means it will last), with a top that closes securely, and in the classic, unfussy style I prefer.  Time will tell whether it’s really as perfect as I think it is, but so far it’s just right!

I think the reality of me switching jobs hasn’t totally sunk in yet.  I’ve gotten used to working at so many different places over the last few months that this feels rather like just another temporary change in venue.  It was very hard to say good-bye.  Many of my now ex-coworkers were very melancholy about it.  The sad thing is that, while I like most of them very much, I’m not so close to them that the relationship will continue once we’re not in the same building every day.  There are a few that I hope to stay close to – Boss J in particular – but I know that I’m not good at staying in contact with people.  I have good intentions, but my life is busy and it’s easy for me to get distracted.  Next thing I know, it’s months since I last talked to a person, and then years.  I’ll even write letters, and then forget to send them.  It distresses me because I do genuinely care about the people I’ve lost contact with, still think about them fondly and want to see them.  I’m just horrible at actually picking up the phone.  But hopefully I’ll be able to overcome my tendencies enough to stay in contact with at least a few of my old co-workers.

And now we’re heading into a busy weekend.  Tomorrow morning I have the First Saturday Women’s Group, then tomorrow afternoon is the wedding of one of my ex-coworkers, and then tomorrow evening is the CL Epiphany Party.  On Sunday we have both a Roommate Cleaning Day and Extended Family presents in the late afternoon.  I’m supposed to bring an appetizer, and I’m torn between Jalapeno Popper Dip, Cream Cheese Sausage Meatballs, or maybe a Stuffed Baguette.  Opinions?  🙂