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First, I feel the need to make it clear that today is the second day of Christmas, not the third.  You don’t start counting the 12 days of Christmas on the 25th, but on the 26th.  This is why January 6th, also known as Epiphany, is the 12th Day of Christmas, also called Twelfth Night (see also: Shakespeare’s play).  If you doubt me (why would you do that?), get out a calendar and see for yourself.  See?  I’m right.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, why, yes, we’ve been having a very nice Christmas.  🙂  It’s been an odd Christmas.  Quieter.  Different.  We’ve got kids in the family again, particularly a treasured step-niece who has four families to divide her Christmas between, so we went to the afternoon Christmas Eve Mass instead of Midnight Mass.  This small change meant juggling around our whole schedule for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  For the first time ever in my life we opened our Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve instead of waiting for Christmas morning.  Christmas Day became an odd, formless day of hanging out with the family in between meals.   The most excitement we had was when Boy-O and AP ganged up on me Christmas morning, turning what had been a comfortable coze on the couch into me being tickled mercilessly, while wheezing helplessly with laughter and making a token attempt to defend myself by sortof flailing one arm around in the air.

A lot of us have been moving a little slower this Christmas.  Rosie fell down the steps at Aunt B’s house the day before Christmas Eve, scraped up her arm pretty badly, and twisted her knee horribly.  She had been over there helping paint Aunt B’s living room, her Christmas present to Aunt B and Uncle J.  So she spent her holiday walking with a cane, and icing her knee every twenty minutes.  Yesterday she was able to bend at least mostly comfortably for the first time in days, which was great.  Between her knee and her still-recovering back, she’s been giving the ice packs a work out this December!  I fell also, on the same day.  I caught my foot somehow when I was at the top of the steps on Mom & Dad’s front hill.  I couldn’t catch my balance again, and when I realized that I was about to take a swan dive down the steps, I managed to tip myself sideways into the ivy-covered slope of the hill.  This would have broken my fall almost entirely, if it weren’t for the small terraces Mom’s made in the hill, edged with river stones standing on edge.  Still, I got off pretty easily, with a bruise on my hip and missing some skin on one forearm.  It’s funny – when I get injured, after the being shook up part passes, I feel like a little kid showing off their latest scab or scar or whatever.  I take it around to everybody and make them admire it.  Of course, then I get things like my Dad kissing it to make it better, so maybe there’s a method to my madness.

I had grand intentions of Getting Things Done on the day after Christmas (aka The 1st Day of Christmas).  I was going to maybe finish knitting Mr. T’s socks, and at least get started on sewing myself that gray wool skirt I’ve been daydreaming about, and do some housecleaning, and maybe even a load or two of laundry.  Needless to say, none of that happened.  Well, I did clean the house some, but unfortunately just to that point where the uncleaned parts of the house look even worse, before anything looks any better.  And then somehow it was 6:30, and I needed to get cleaned up before I headed out to Mick’s birthday celebration.

Today has been one of those days at work where time just disappears, like it’s been one long, gray movie montage, and suddenly it’s five o’clock and time to go home and you think, “How did I get here?”  Because of all the holidays and things, I only have one more day here at Job2, and one more at Job1.  Today I got accidentally copied on the e-mail announcing my going away luncheons, and the collection for my good-bye gift.  I’m very excited about my new job, but still, this is hard.  I’ve been very fortunate in my co-workers every place I’ve worked.  I’d like to say that I’ll keep in touch with them, but the truth is that I’m really horrible at keeping in touch with people.  I have the best of intentions, but I never remember to call.  I write letters and then don’t send them.  I still care, I’m just awful at showing it.  So this really is good-bye.  I hate saying good-bye.

Still, it’s Christmas, and a good Christmas, a better Christmas than I’ve had in years!  Tonight is my parents wedding Anniversary (over 40 years – woot!).  All of us are going to gather at the Family Homestead, and make hors d’oeuvre-like things, and hang out.  Maybe we’ll watch a movie.  Mr. T and Sae will hopefully make an appearance, though I heard this afternoon that The Duchess and 007 won’t make it to Dayton in time.  But still, we will be together, and it will be good.  And then tomorrow there will be presents.  😀