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Right now my hands smell like pine.  It’s fresh, and clean, and it smells like Christmas.  My hands smell like my house, which right now is rendolent of the fresh pine garlands swagged across the arch between the dining room and living room, and festooned on the lighting fixture in the dining room.  There are even sprigs of greenery poked in among the figures of the manger scene on the mantel (Baby Jesus is hiding behind the big candle off to one side until it’s time for his appearance at midnight on Christmas Eve), not to mention the massive swag currently on the front door.

All of this Christmas green is from the trip AnniPotts, Indy, Mariah and I took out to the Christmas Tree Farm this afternoon.  You see, in my family we don’t decorate until Christmas Eve, and then we decorate up a storm.  This year we’re  having a more low key Christmas than usual, which means taking it easy on the decorations.  For example, we haven’t even opened the box of my grandmother’s antique glass ornaments.  We’re doing just a few things, the really important things.  However, this means that whatever we are decorating, we’re really decorating.  And that means fresh pine.  And while we were picking out things for Mom & Dad’s house, I somehow managed to pick up just a few things for my house too…  And now my hands smell most deliciously of pine.

If you’d like to see more pictures of our Christmas Tree Farm excursion, Indy has posted them over on her blog, including this great one she took of me.  It’s such a perfect Christmas card picture that I had to share it with you guys too.

And now I will go knit some more on Mr. T’s socks.