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Today I got a personal tweet from @KnittingRyanG, he of the F***Yeah, Ryan Gosling and Feminist Ryan Gosling fame.  This has so overloaded my circuits that all I have to give you today is pictures.  Pictures of a baby sweater so cute, it might be cuter than Ryan Gosling. Judge for yourself:

It’s the Sunnyside Cardigan from Tanis Fiber Arts, and the yarn is Premiere Yarns Serenity Garden in the Gems colorway.

Why, yes, those are itty bitty baby bunny rabbit buttons.  Yes, I do understand why you’re suddenly cooing at a computer screen.  It happens.

Of course I made matching socks.  The universe might implode if I didn’t.

This much cuteness in one place sometimes causes unusual reactions in those who behold it.  There’s cooing, and heart-melting, and shrieks of joy.  Or, you know, if you’re Boy-O you might decide that you need to try it on.  Immediately.  As one does with baby sweaters.  As you can see, it totally fits him.

The sweater is destined for Big Brother and Sunny’s new baby, who will hopefully arrive sometime in early March.  Considering how international shipping sometimes works, hopefully it will actually get there by then.

And now I’m going to go have a little lie down, and recompose my shattered nerves.

Also, I should mention that all of these pictures, except for the last one of Boy-O, were very generously taken for me by Indy.  I had taken pictures of the sweater before I gave it to her to put in the Christmas box for China, but when I looked at the pictures again, I realized that some of them were blurry.  So Indy got the sweater out of the box again before shipping it, and photographed it so that I could have a record of the ridiculous cuteness.  Isn’t she awesome.  Yeah, I think so too.