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First of all, I would like to start by thanking all of you for your amazing response to my last post.  I even got a few e-mails from friends & family members weighing in on my situation!  In the end I decided to go with the hospital job.  It was a hard decision, and I worried over it all day Monday.  I decided to sleep on it, and when I woke up Tuesday I knew what my decision had to be.  As soon as I made up my mind, all of the trouble and doubt of the previous day cleared away, and I was back to feeling pleasantly excited about the new job.  It seems like such a great opportunity – I feel a little like a child waiting for Christmas when you know a particularly delightful present is going to be under the tree.

Today and tomorrow I’m working out at the construction site for the new hospital making badges for all the contractors and others who are working on the building.  So far it’s been rather slow.  It was busy for a bit this morning, but that finished off with two really, really cute construction workers, and since then I’ve had no one.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit busier.

It’s been a rather exciting week at our house.  First there was my dilemma over jobs, and then Rosie seriously injured her back.  She was lifting weights, and decided to do some squats even though she knew her back has been extra sensitive lately.  Sure enough, her back went out, and since then she’s been confined to the futon in the living room.  This has proven problematic when it comes to things like, say, making it to the bathroom on the second floor.  However, we’re enormously lucky that The Absent-minded Professor just finished his college term and is home for the holidays.  He’s been waiting on Rosie literally hand and foot.  (“AP, could you put my socks on for me?”)  Little by little, with the help of ice packs, muscle relaxants, and pain killers, she’s been starting to regain a little mobility.  This afternoon she had a doctor’s appointment, which I hope will help even more.

Funnily enough, one of the side effects of Rosie’s injury has been a major uptick in the number of movies I’ve been watching.  Monday night when I came home from swing club to find Rosie incapacitated on the futon, AP had just put in Sweeney Todd to help distract her from the pain.  And while Sweeney Todd is an excellent movie, it’s maybe not the wisest choice for a situation like that.  Fortunately, I had just gotten Crazy, Stupid, Love. from Netflix, so we put that in instead, and all of us in the house, even Johnnycakes, ended up sitting around watching it together.  Just about every movie with Steve Carrell ends up being awesome, but I also have to say that I now see why Ryan Gosling inspires internet memes.  Then last night Cinder brought over Attack The Block.  I only meant to stay up a little while I finished up some internet surfage, but I ended up staying for the entire movie, and really, really liking it.  And, well, this has been fun, but I gotta start getting some sleep!