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My dears, I have a dilemma.  You see, I had hoped to start this blog post with the splendiferously good news that last Friday the nice ladies at Job 3 (the one at the small regional hospital) offered me a full time position as the HR Support Partner at the brand new hospital that’s being built as I type, starting either the second week of January (if the head of the HR department gets her way) or the beginning of February (if the financial guy she has to clear things through gets his).  All weekend I’ve been excited about this.  It’s great work, which I enjoy, the benefits and pay are the same as what I’m getting now, I like everyone I’d be working with, and I’ve been really impressed with the medical network that both hospitals are a part of.  Plus, since I’d be helping set up a brand new office, and I’d be the only admin, I’d have the chance for once to set things up the way I like them.  Being the one secretary supporting an office is very different from being the undersecretary answering to multiple other secretaries, all of whom have their own ideas about How Things Should Be.  Plus there’s the whole only having one work to go to instead of three thing.  I was pretty excited.

Then this morning, I went in to tell my boss at Job 2 about my job offer.  This is the job with the extra hours and the pretty building, where they’ve been telling me that they can’t tell me anything definite about whether or not I have a future with them until sometime towards the end of January.  I was fully expecting to tell my boss about the job offer, to have her tell me that they would be very sorry to lose me, but that she still wasn’t able to offer me anything definite, for me to get the ok to keep working up until I switched to my new job, and that would be it.  Instead, she asked me how firm my commitment to the new job was, and then told me that she was in the process of getting my current job posted as a full time position, so that I could apply for it, and be hired into their department full time.  However, she hadn’t gotten far in that process yet, both because she is very, very busy right now, and because it’s difficult to get our HR to do anything in December.  So she asked me if I would consider perhaps staying on here, and working with them full time instead.

And now I’m torn.  Both jobs have great co-workers, similar pay, similar benefits.  Both have opportunities for upward advancement once I’ve settled into the job.  I like the work at the hospital better, and I’d be able to have a little more autonomy there.  But the university has a more laid back attitude towards a lot of things (both good and bad), plus when I finally get to the place where I can go back to school, I’d be able to get tuition reimbursement pretty easily.  The hospital offers tuition reimbursement as well, but they only have a limited amount to spend on it each year, so they prioritize the jobs that benefit the hospital.  So if I were going for a nursing degree, I might have a pretty good shot at it, but a theology degree?  Not so much.  But going back to school is a long way off in any case.  Wouldn’t I rather enjoy my work in the meantime?

Also, how ironic is it that, after all the time when I couldn’t even get an interview, suddenly I’ve got two companies pulling out all the stops to try to hire me full time?

I think in the end I’m going to probably stick with the hospital.  I was totally happy with the hospital job before this other possibility was raised.  I still really want to do it.  It would be nice to have a fresh start.  But now, no matter what I decide, I have to say no to people I really like, who have gone out of their way to be good to me.  And I don’t like that at all.

So what I’m asking for from you guys is feedback.  Do you have any advice, encouragement, or good counsel to pass on?  Whether you do or not, could you also please pray for me, that I can make the right decision, and that I can feel peaceful about whatever decision I make.  Sigh.  I would love to have a little peace about this right now.

In other news, we are starting to be recovered from the latest wedding.  Our dining room is now clear of floral products, and back to being used as an actual dining room.  The Duchess and 007 are back from their honeymoon, and plunging right back into their busy lives.  Instead of sewing things, I’m back to knitting away on baby things.  I’m trying to finish a tiny sweater to send off to Big Brother and Sunny in their Christmas box.  So far I just have one sleeve to go, so I might even make it!  We’ll see.

Also, on Saturday we had Swing In The Snow, our big swing dance.  It was a roaring success, with a packed dance floor, and lots of fun people to dance with.  I was delighted when a bunch of my friends from my Catholic young adult group showed up too.  It made everything extra fun!  Now some of them are talking about maybe having a swing dance lesson for one of our meetings.  Who knows?  Maybe I won’t be the only Catholic at swing dancing anymore!