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On facebook AnniPotts said that the fact that we’re taking days to post about The Duchess’s wedding this past Saturday is proof that a really, really good time was genuinely had by all.  I think there’s some truth to this.  It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful day, and a wonderful thing to see my sister joined to the man who is so utterly right for her.  The Duchess was gorgeous.  Her dress turned out beautifully.  Standing in the bright sunshine, with the breeze wafting her exquisite cathedral length veil, surrounded by her bevy of ridiculously adorable flower girls, she looked so perfect it felt like we were in the middle of a really high end perfume commercial.  It was a great and good thing.

I’m so glad it’s over.

I did get my dress done in time.  Barely.  I finished hemming it 15 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start.  Every spare moment I had between Wednesday and the wedding was spent sewing.  The dress itself came together fairly easily, which was a nice confidence builder after the ordeal of the Cursed Bridesmaid Dress.  At the last minute I panicked a little because I couldn’t find my crinoline, which is usually necessary to make these 50s style dresses look right.  However, the lining and the dress fabric pleated together at the waist made the skirt just puffy enough that it didn’t need a crinoline after all.  I’m pretty pleased about how it turned out.  Plus, it really is that magical, mythical creature, the bridesmaid dress you can wear again.  In fact, I already have, to work on Monday.  It was pretty sweet.

My house is full of flowers.  There’s the two buckets still half full of roses in the dining room, the huge cornucopia filled with mums and deep red calla lilies on the table, the long boxes half full of stems and leaves in random corners, the other buckets with bits of leftover greenery, and the plates of forgotten boutonnieres that keep turning up in odd locations.  Last night when I was heading out the door to swing club, I found a plate of them (we were storing them on paper plates inserted into ziplock bags) on the floor next to my speaker bag.  I think they were the ones that were supposed to go on the fathers of the bride and groom.  I grabbed them, and took them with me to swing dancing, where I gave one to Ms. K for being an amazing swing club president, and one to one of the guys in my class for pulling his shirt halfway over his face as a makeshift ninja mask while he crept around his follow after Mr. Zoot told them that they should be swing ninjas.  What Mr. Zoot meant was that they shouldn’t be clumping their feet along as if they were wearing iron boots, but the ninja mask was so awesome.  And then, when I just about doubled over laughing, he did it again!  I think that’s totally boutonniere worthy.

The reason why we have random boutonnieres all over the place is because we made about a million of them.  The Duchess had a whole choir of musicians, and lots of readers, plus ring bearers and others, all of whom she wanted to have flowers.  So we made a ton of them, with different designs specifically for the different types of people we were making them for.  And then, on the morning of the wedding, somehow most of them never made it down to the church.  I’m not sure what happened to a lot of them.  I haven’t found any more today.  But you never know.  They’re… lurking.

And now, hopefully, we are done with the Year of Weddings.  Frankly, after all the weddings, the holidays are looking a bit like a walk in the park.  (Famous last words…)  Which reminds me, wasn’t there some Christmas knitting I was supposed to be doing?

Pictures soon!