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What do you do when you’ve got babies coming?  Why, you knit, of course!

The first baby knit I completed was a few pairs of baby socks.  The pattern is from an old issue of Knit Simple (you can get it on the Vogue Knitting website), and the yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Garden in the Gems colorway for the rainbow socks, and Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Superwash in the Pink Print colorway for the middle pair.  I loved the rainbow yarn so much more than the pink!  I’m glad I was able to stockpile a little of it.  Still, the pink socks are going to be perfect for MDoS and The Beautiful T’s daughter Littlefoot, who I knit them for.

The socks are so little that you don’t get through a whole color repeat in just one, but if you lay a pair end to end, you can see how all the colors progress.  This pair is a special commission for a co-worker’s grandbaby.  I haven’t made up my mind who the first pair of rainbow socks is for.  Sae was casting covetous glances at them while I was knitting them, but I think I’m going to have to knit another pair of socks for her, to match the sweater:

This is the Sunnyside Baby Cardigan from Tanis Fiber Arts.  It has two options, one with cables (suitable for baby boys), and one with lace panels (suitable for baby girls).  Since, at the time, we didn’t know if Baby Schmoo was a He Schmoo or a She Schmoo, and being firmly convinced that cables are suitable for both genders, I decided to go with the cable option.  The yarn is Stroll Fingering from KnitPicks in Dove Heather.

Though I do think the buttons I picked out will give it that girly touch.  🙂

One of my favorite bits about the sweater is how the cables continue down from the yoke shaping past the underarm to keep cabling down the side of the sweater.  The pattern actually calls for the cables on the arms to be abandoned once you separate out the arm stitches, but it was bothering me.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to do it, however, until I saw this version on Ravelry, and suddenly everything became clear!

Once the little gray sweater is done, I’m planning to knit another one in the rainbow yarn to send off to China for Big Brother and Sunny’s baby.  When I got the little heart buttons, I couldn’t resist picking up these tiny bunny rabbits too.  They just hopped into my basket.  Although, seriously, people – there are so many cute button options!  So many!  There were little blue airplanes molded out of plasticine, and little flowers, and pink elephants, and penguins, and… I’m lucky that most of them wouldn’t fit through the tiny button holes on the sweater, or I would still be at the store buying buttons.  Still, these buttons will be perfect for the rainbow sweater, and maybe later I can knit something to match those little airplanes (so cute!).

So that’s what you do when there are babies coming!