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Yesterday I got a great phone call from Sae.  She wanted to tell me that she and Mr. T had gone in to the doctor for her scheduled check up and ultrasound, and the ultrasound tech was able to tell them that the Baby Schmoo whom we’re all so excitedly expecting, is a Baby Girl Schmoo.  Personally, I’m just thrilled, particularly since I just went shopping for buttons to put on the tiny cardigan I’m knitting for the baby, and the buttons I picked out (little mother of pearl hearts) are just a bit girly.  Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that we are not the last generation of girls in my family.  Mr. T is still a little wistful for the little boy he’d been hoping for, but even he is delighted that the baby seems exceptionally healthy.  Sae is definitely showing these days, and has had to start shopping in the maternity clothes sections of stores.  She told me that she now has two pretty maternity dresses, so she has options for Sweet’s wedding this coming weekend.

Of course, Baby Schmoo isn’t the only baby we’re expecting in our family.  Big Brother and Sunny are also expecting a little bundle of joy of their own, due actually a few weeks before Sae & Mr. T.  However, in Sunny’s culture you don’t talk about a pregnancy until after the baby is actually born, so they were keeping it quiet for a while.  Once the sweater for Sae’s baby is done, I’m knitting another one to send off to China for the other new member of our family.  And of course, there will be pictures of all this knitting very soon.

I was thinking about all the other family news that I haven’t talked about, and realized that there are a few things I should mention.  First of all, please pray for The Duchess as she counts down to her own wedding to 007 in three weeks.  She’s been having a rather hectic time lately, and there have been some setbacks.  Most recently, a few weekends ago her car slid on some wet pavement into the back of the car in front of it, and was totaled.  The Duchess herself is just fine, but it’s very inconvenient to be trying to figure out car stuff right now!

The other piece of family news is that Boy-O moved out of the Family Homestead into an apartment with two of his friends.  He’s been steadily making steps towards becoming more independent, so this wasn’t at all unexpected.  It was a little sad for Mom, who doesn’t like seeing her children move away, but he still comes home every weekend to watch the football game, so she’s resigned to it.  Indy is now the only child living at home (except for AP when he’s home from school), and she has great plans for taking over what had been Boy-O and AP’s room and turning it into an artist’s studio.

As for me, I don’t have much news.  I’m not making much progress on my bridesmaids dress, but I have made progress on some other projects that have been lingering on my to-do list for far too long.  So, you know, there’s hope for me yet!