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It’s been a while since I shared some pretty, pretty pictures with you.  My increased work hours, combined with the decreased daylight hours, have made it difficult to take them.  However, this past weekend turned out to be incredibly picturesque, so I thought I’d share.

On Saturday a bunch of us headed off into the wilds of Indiana for the CL/TOT Fall Party at Hayes Arboretum.  Some of you may remember this place from the Winter Fun Day we had last January, plus building our St. Patrick’s Day float.  AnniPotts and I, along with two of AnniPotts’ roommates, arrived early so that I could put the chickens I was fixing for dinner in the oven.  This gave us lots of time to explore the arboretum, including the fountain out behind the main house.  This is a view of the house looking up from the fountain.

We even had time to go for a hike.  AnniPotts wanted to see the old growth forest that is located on the property, so we set out for it.  We were super proud of the roommate in the middle, who was willing to let herself be immersed in so much (shudder) nature purely for love of her roommates!

It was utterly beautiful, with the late afternoon sunlight shining through the Fall leaves like stained glass.

I couldn’t seem to stop taking pictures.

Our trail led us past the Woodland Chapel, so we had to check that out too.  And, you know, pose for pictures.  We decided that was God’s Holy Light shining down on them.

We weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the loveliness to take a few pictures.  One of our friends has started a small business selling the hair accessories and jewelry she makes.  It’s called Unfolding Rose Boutique, and the lovely things are available on Etsy as well as various local craft shows, etc.  She and The Girl Next Door were having a photo shoot, with Little J taking the pictures.  As various girls arrived for the party, they got pulled into the photo shoot too, and before you knew it, we were all decked out in headbands, earrings, bracelets, rings (I loved this one), and more.  We even took some pictures on the tractor that was pulled up for the hayride.  It looked like something out of a posh catalog.  Anyway, this is The Girl Next Door, modeling shoe clips (on the tops of her boots) and a lovely hair ornament.

Afterwards we headed into the house for the incredible spread that everyone had brought.  The only thing missing in this picture is the huge pot of venison chili that filled in the empty spot in the foreground.  The picture isn’t great (I really wish I had a camera that could handle low light situations), but I love this picture just for how it caught Sugar Ray canoodling with his girlfriend in the background.  😀

After dinner we had cake (it was Fitz’s father’s birthday, so we needed to sing to him), and then piled onto the wagon for a hayride.  Then there was karaoke out back by the fire in the fire pit, complete with s’mores and Sugar Ray’s homemade beer.  The evening seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, AnniPotts was pulling me away from the mob of people trying to sing Don’t Stop Believing (it was having a little trouble loading), and telling me that it was time to go.  She and her roommates had a long drive back to Cincinnati, and they needed to get started.  So we headed back to the house, packed up the remnants of the chicken, and headed back home.  And it was good.