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My dears, this is a quick note to say that I am not dead, merely stuck in hours upon hours of training/orientation/general mind-numbing stuffness without access to the internet, followed by lots and lots of driving to get to these training/orientation locations (why do I feel like they’re competing to see how far out into the suburbs they can lure people?), and then quick pit stops at home before dashing off to the Next Thing.  Which doesn’t leave much room for blogging.  However, hopefully I’ll have a little breathing room sometime soon (though probably not tomorrow), and you’ll have a real post.

In the meantime, I was going to link you to the podcast of the radio show I was just on – Mark Newman of Crossroads on Radio Maria interviewed me, Flo, and Sweet about our experiences with Theology On Tap and being Catholic young adults in general.  However, that doesn’t seem to be up yet, so enjoy some of the other podcasts they have available.  It went really well, btw, and at the end of it, Mark suggested that the three of us should consider putting together our own radio show.  Which would be a lot of fun.  Totally nuts, but a lot of fun…

Oh, and also in the meantime, say a prayer for my poor little car.  I think all this driving has been getting to it.  It was fine last night, but this morning when I got in the car to head out to my second day of orientation, the clutch started going some rather freaky things.  I tried to call my Hero Mechanic, but his phone is out of order, and the Family Mechanics can’t get me in until next Monday.  So it looks like I’ll be driving the huge Jesus Van out to Xenia for my first day of on-site training.  Just the sort of thing to make a great first impression!

Fun times ahead, my friends!