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My dears, I am sick again, with a nasty migraine that has had me throwing up my breakfast and then laying feebly on the couch for the rest of the day.  So in place of the post about this weekend, I would like to share with you these pictures of my niece Fleur:

Apparently the kid loves yarn.  Not the way I love yarn, but the way a nine year old loves yarn.  She loves taking a large ball of it to the top of the stairs and tossing it down just to see it unravel in large, loose loops.  She loves laying it out in layers on the floor, and twining it around things, and tossing the ball in the air like a kitten just to see the loose ends flying by.  She likes to wrap it around herself, and twirl in the living room as someone holds it so that it spirals around her arms and legs, and she becomes part of the tangle too, then falling over and rolling around with it still wrapped around her, laughing hysterically.

In the end, only homemade apple dumplings could distract Fleur from the yarn, but even then she brought it with her to the table.

I’m pretty sure the kid’s getting yarn for Christmas!