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This morning I got up early, put on my most demure office work outfit and the good pearl earrings, and headed off to a job interview for what will be, if I get it, my fourth job.  And no, I don’t mean fourth ever in my life, but fourth job that I am working right now.  With luck, this might be the job that actually puts me all the way up to full time hours, even if my various hours aren’t all worked on the same job, or for the same company.  While I don’t wish to whine or complain (Lord knows there are lots of people who would be thrilled to have one job, much less three or four), I am a bit daunted by the prospect of working for this many employers.  When I am feeling intimidated, the only thing to do is to sit down with a nice, warm cup of very strong black tea tempered with milk, remind myself that usually the only way to the other side is through, and plunge in.  In that spirit, I would like to share with you an amazing video on that very topic, originally shared with me by the redoubtable Mrs. Darwin.  Enjoy!

Black tea with milk can make anything better.  And maybe if I can get this job, I might even be able to buy the good stuff.