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My dears, the cold lingers on, but I think we’re slowly but surely showing it the door.  On Saturday I felt better enough to be overconfident, and in a burst of energy, did a mammoth grocery shopping trip, and then came home and cooked up a storm.  I’d been craving chicken soup, and I remembered reading a recipe for roasted chicken soup where your roasted the chicken first for extra flavor before making your chicken broth with the bones.  So I put a chicken in the oven to roast on a bed of baby potatoes from the farmers market, and then started a big pot of vegetable soup.  I had a huge cabbage I’d brought home from Columbus the weekend before (it’s a long story), so I started that cooking with carrots, onions and celery, plus some ground venison for flavor.  And then, I have all these soup bones stashed in the freezer, and lately Rosie’s been making noises about how she’d really like to have more room for her stuff in there.  So I pulled a ham bone out and started a big batch of pinto beans in the slow cooker, adding a few jalapenos and some garlic.

Right about when everything was in ready to simmer for a while/safely in the oven/in the slow cooker, I completely ran out of steam.  I spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching movies (Nacho Libre and Easy A), getting up every once in a while to stir my various pots.  By the time the chicken and soup were done, I realized that I had seriously overextended myself.  I had just enough energy to put the cooked food away in the fridge, and then collapse into bed.

Sunday I woke up just barely in time to get over to Mom & Dad’s for Sae’s birthday brunch.  I was all wobbly and weak again, and though my cough wasn’t as violent as it had been Friday, it was still pretty bad.  I spent most of the party curled up on the couch, working on the first of a pair of baby socks for Baby Schmoo.

Speaking of whom, Sae had many pictures from her most recent ultrasound to share with us.  Baby Schmoo is growing by leaps and bounds, though we still don’t know whether it’s a He-Schmoo or a She-Schmoo.  Both Sae and Mr. T are much happier now that Sae’s near-constant morning sickness is starting to ease.  Sae has a little color in her face again, and Mr. T has relaxed a lot now that his wife isn’t always on the verge of casting up her accounts.

There was a lot of family news to pass around.  Boy-O is making plans to move out of The Family Homestead in just a few weeks.  He and a few friends have gotten an apartment out by Wright State, and are planning to set up their bachelor pad together.  It’s a big change, to have the youngest in the family setting out on his own.  I think it’s a little sad for Mom & Dad, but Indy seems rather excited about it.  She’s already making plans to lay claim to Boy-O’s room as soon as he’s vacated it and turn it into an artist’s studio.

We also did a little Bridal Shower planning.  The Duchess’s big Weekend of Bridal Showers is fast approaching.  We’re going to have two, one for the younger ladies hosted by one of our old CL friends (I know she must have a nickname, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was) on Saturday, and another hosted by Mariah (she’s The Duchess’s Maid of Honor) for the family and older female friends on Sunday.  It’s going to be quite the weekend, especially since it’s the same weekend as the Yellow Springs Street Fair, and Mariah is trying to scheme a way to work that in there too.  We’ll see how that goes.

One of the cool things about the weekend was having AnniPotts with us.  It’s been so great having her so close – only an hour away in Cincinnati instead of multiple days away in South Dakota or Texas.  It’s actually been hard for her to choose to spend time down in Cincinnati with her roommates, whom she’s supposed to be living in community with, because her family is so relatively close and easily accessible.  And of course, we keep doing cool things and inviting her along (we’re just like that).  It’s such a delight having her around that it’s hard to remember that she has any obligations  besides us!

Now it’s Monday evening, and I’m home again after teaching swing dancing for the UD Swing Club.  Tonight we split the club into Swing I (which I teach with Mr. Zoot) and Swing II (taught by Bounce and Red) for the first time.  Mr. Zoot and I had a good time coaxing our Swing I students through the fundamentals of their first ever swingouts.  They were all pulling off actual recognizable Lindy basics by the end of the class, which is no small feat, and a lot of them stayed to dance for a while afterwards.  Sometimes I forget how deeply satisfying it is to coax new dancers through this first phase, when everything seems so impossible and intimidating.  I love watching them gain confidence, start smiling and enjoying themselves.  It reminds me of why I keep teaching.

It’s been a busy day, and despite my sickness, it was a busy weekend!  As soon as I hit publish, I’m going to turn the computer off and head off for some well-deserved rest.  Tomorrow’s going to be another full day.

Good night!