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I like words.  I like the way they fit together to make memorable sentences.  When I find a really great quote, I write it down and keep it.  Sometimes I want to put a particular quote up where I can see it often, and think about what it says.  So I arrange my quotes in a way that I find aesthetically pleasing.  I am far from the world’s best layout & design person, but here are a few of the quotes I’ve arranged lately:

I love this quote, because it gets at something at the heart of the blues music I love so much.  Sometimes life really, really sucks.  Blues knows all about that, and doesn’t try to hide from it, doesn’t try to disguise it as something else, just accepts it and keeps going.  And in the process, it makes something beautiful.


This quote is from the movie You Kill Me, which I watched recently and absolutely loved.  Every addict believes in their heart of hearts that they could be sober if only the people around them weren’t so damn crazy.  This is the version of the Serenity Prayer that comes before you find a little recovery.

‘nuf said.

Gotta love the Hitchhiker’s Guide.  Sigh.  I made this for my brother when he was stressing about his wedding and vow renewal.  I strongly suggested that he use it as his desktop wallpaper.  Feel free to do the same.

This is one I made for myself when I was getting wigged out about wearing makeup, and the way the men around me reacted to me wearing makeup.  I framed it, and put it on my dresser to remind me that it takes courage to allow yourself to be beautiful, and that it’s ok to embrace my own potential for beauty.

This isn’t technically a quote, but I love it so much I decided to include it anyway.  This is my free printable instant Halloween costume.  All you have to do is print it out (if you’re fancy, you can print it on a sheet of label paper to make a big sticker), pin it on, and voila, you’re wearing a costume!

Feel free to print these out, use them however you like.  If you do something particularly cool with them, please let me know!