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This may not come as nearly the surprise that I think it is, but I have a pretty wide competitive streak.  When I do something, I want to be the best.  I want to not only do well, but to triumph.  Also, to crush my opponents.  (And see them driven before me.  And hear the lamentations of their women, er, men.)  I do not find this aspect of my personality particularly attractive.  It scares me a little, particularly when I feel that edge of the competitive burn working through my bloodstream, and I realize that I’m not behaving the way I want because I’m getting focused on winning at all costs rather than, you know, loving the people around me, or being a generally decent human being.  Sometimes I have stopped doing certain activities because I couldn’t do them without competing with those around me.  For example, although I have a very nice singing voice, I stopped singing in the church choir because I realized that my urge to compete was crowding out my ability to do things like pray during Mass, and think charitably about the other members of the choir.

However, no matter how much I try to keep this part of my personality in check, I still really, really like to win something on occasion.  And this is where fantasy sports comes in.  To tell the complete truth, I really don’t care about baseball.  I don’t know or care who’s going to the world series.  I tend to view baseball games as nice occasions for outdoor knitting.  I don’t really care about football either.  Unless my baby brother is playing, the only game I watch all year is the Superbowl, and then I usually choose who I’m rooting for based on the color of their uniform/whether or not they have a scumbag playing quarterback.  But I love fantasy baseball (my team is in the World Series! and we might win!), and now I’m utterly adoring fantasy football.

You see, after my success with Fantasy Baseball, I decided to see if there was a football league I could join.  The other swing dancers from my baseball league didn’t seem all that interested, but I found out that there was an office pool.  $20 bought you in for the whole year.  You didn’t have teams with players, but you picked the winners of each weeks games, and whoever picked the most accurately won the prize for the week.  At the end of the season, whoever did the best overall gets the grand prize.  I paid my money, made my picks, and after the first week, I’m fourth in our league.  Or pool.  Or whatever they call it.  All I know is that my name is towards the top of a long list of names, and I’m feeling pretty darn good.  And the best part?  I get to do it again this week!

In other news, the job drama continues.  You may remember that Boss J and Big Boss came up with a scheme to get me formally hired for the job I’m already doing, which would not only give me benefits, but would get me out from under the 1000 hours/year cap which would currently have me laid off right about October 20.  And then another office said they would like to have me come pick up some hours with them.  For a few deliriously happy days, I imagined that this meant full time work for me, but then Boss J and I did the math, and figured that that until this new job becomes official, I have to be very careful about how many hours I charge.  So even with the new job, I’m still only at about 3/4 time.  It’s much better than 1/2 time, but still short of what I really need.

Everything will be much better once my job becomes official, but for that to happen I need to be able to apply for it.  And HR still hasn’t posted the opening.  It’s been close to a week and a half since it was approved for posting, but they still haven’t posted the opening.  I’ve been checking the website three and four times a day, hoping to be able to be the first to apply, but none of that does any good it they don’t.  Post.  The.  Opening.  If we were in another country I would think that someone somewhere along the line hadn’t gotten their usual kickback.  It’s getting ridiculous.  The whole process takes time.  When things were set in motion, I had thought we had just enough time, with maybe a little to spare.  But I’ve been watching the days slip by with nothing happening, and I’m starting to freak out.  Just a little.  Privately.  But still.  So if you guys could say a prayer that whatever obstacle is holding things up would disappear, and that the rest of this process would go smoothly and quickly, I would really appreciate it.