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Lately I’ve been getting up earlier to get to work earlier, which means that I’m seeing some things I otherwise never would have noticed.  Like this cobweb that I found on our front porch early one morning.

And then there’s the morning light shining through the wedding socks I’m knitting for Mr. T, making the cables pop in an entirely different way.  I love these socks, btw, and not just because the line of hearts marching up the foot make me smile every time I see them.

There’s so much light at my new work too.  Each floor is stairstepped back from the previous one to maximize the sunlight.  I love it.

It’s especially great since the view from the back of the window is into seemingly unbroken woods.

There’s a great patio off the far wing too.  I’ve been sitting out there on my lunch breaks – there’s something about all that green that makes the tension in my shoulders just slip away.

Even the parking lot is shady and green.  I kinda love it.