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On Sunday I and some of my family the trek out to one of the big parishes in the ‘burbs to witness the Baptism of P0okah & Sparkboy’s second baby.  About a month and a half ago he was diagnosed with spinal meningitis (you may remember that I babysat his older brother MiniSpark while he was in the hospital), but the doctors were able to catch it in time, and he’s made a great recovery.  Sparkboy and Pookah were two of the original members of our Catholic Life young adult group.  There was a whole generation of people who were part of it in the early days, who ended up pairing up, getting married, and moving on to other things (mostly having kids).  I’ve learned that once my friends start having babies they don’t have much time or energy for anything else, including me, until the kids are about ten years old.  So although I love them dearly, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the main place I have in their lives for now is as an occasional babysitter.  I’ve also learned that if I can maintain a presence in their lives, after a while the kids become less all-absorbing, and I can have my friends back plus interest since now they come attached to some truly amazing young people.  It does take a while, and I have to really, really like my friends to be willing to wait it out (though I do genuinely enjoy the babysitting), but so far it’s been worth it.

Anyway, the point of this was that also at this Baptism were several of my old CL friends who are caught in the middle of those baby and toddler years, who I almost never see anymore.  Some of them are friends from so long ago that they don’t even have nicknames on this blog!  However, the couple that I ended up talking with the most was Pixie and Hot Josh, who were there with their first daughter, Little Miss Stinker, and their ridiculously cute son who doesn’t have a nickname yet.  They’ve always been two of my favorite people, and one of the couples I’ve kept in touch with a little better.  A while back they asked me to knit Christmas stockings for their family, replicating the heirloom stockings that an old family friend had knit for Pixie’s family many years ago.  It was really good to see them, to catch up on what they’ve been doing, and let them know what’s been going on with me.  We passed on news about old friends, and all swore that we’d get together soon, really we will.  I reminded them that I’m happy to babysit any time, really! and they said they intended to take me up on it.  So, you know, hopefully that will work out.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow. Some of my friends were going to see a movie Friday night (Rear Window was showing down at the Victoria).  I haven’t been feeling well lately – tired and headachey all the time, plus my asthma has been going crazy.  I’m betting it’s a combination of the lingering pesticide spray that was laid down, plus the fact that we stirred up every ounce of dust in the house while we were prepping.  I’ve been taking my medicine faithfully, and sleeping a lot, and it seems to be helping.  This morning I actually woke up on time – a minor miracle.  So maybe this next week will be a bit easier.  We’ll see.

Also, so far no bed bug bites.  Perhaps they really are gone?