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Once upon a time, I had a plan for how my summer would go.  Wedding fever would have died down, and my family would be getting back to something like normal (as normal as my family ever gets).  Days would be long, and I’d have time to plan fun things like trips to the Drive In and picnics.  I’d hang my wash out on the line in the back yard, and sleep with the fan on.  But mostly I had plans to sew.  I was going to sew all kinds of things: baby booties and dresses for MDoS and The Beautiful T’s baby, another version of the Cursed Bridesmaids Dress in black and white plaid seersucker, maybe another dress, a few more full skirts, and maybe even a top or two.  My wardrobe was gonna be awesome!  I had the fabric, I had the patterns, all I needed was the time to sew.

Alas, instead of this being the Summer of Sewing, this is turning out to be the Summer of Anything But Sewing.  It’s driving me a little nuts, especially when lately it seems like every time I turn around there’s another pattern that I really, really want to sew!  For instance, there’s this top from Simplicity.  Observe the adorable sleeve caps, the vintage charm, the fitted waist and peplum that I am convinced would look darling on me.  I saw it sewn up on The Slapdash Sewist, and immediately knew that I wanted to make it, and that it would be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.

However, well, there’s other sewing I have to do.  The wedding fever is far from over (though I’m afraid our enthusiasm is lagging), and I have another Bridesmaids Dress to sew.  As you know, The Duchess is getting married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  Her colors are different shades of tan, cream, and café au lait (I’ve been forbidden from using the word “khaki” even though it’s the same color) accented with a deep red.  I found a pattern very close to what I’d been thinking of, and was able to buy my fabric for a steal.

I have a wool blend lightweight suiting fabric for the dress, and pale pink taffeta lining.  I’m hoping that after the wedding is done I’ll have a nice dress to wear to work or church all winter.

Unfortunately, there is no way I can even get into my sewing room right now.  It’s not just that all my fabric has to be treated, but that I’m in the process of sorting out and bagging up all of my supplies to be treated too.  And then I need to wait until after the exterminator comes to start moving anything back in.  And even if I could get into my sewing room, I don’t have any time to spare from bagging up my life anyway.  All of this has been rather stressful, especially when I start worrying away about it, and fretting about how I will be able to make any Christmas presents with all my crafting supplies encased in plastic.

The other night I was over at the Family Homestead for dinner, and I said something about this at the table.  Indy generously offered to clear out a part of the living room table that I could set up as a sewing home away from home.  It was a very sweet offer, but I don’t know that it would work.  One of the charms of sewing at home is that I can be working on things at two in the morning without inconveniencing anyone but myself.  Plus, once you bring something into my parents’ house, there’s a very good possibility that it will disappear forever.

So I was thinking about this when Mom spoke up and suggested that perhaps, since I’m finding myself in the midst of this rather stressful situation, her and Dad’s contribution to alleviating my stress would be to pay to have someone else, an actual professional seamstress, make the dress up for me.  This has the great benefit of me not having to worry about things, or, say, hemming the dress a few hours before the wedding.  And then, as Mom pointed out, I’d be much more available to help with all the rest of the wedding stuff.

My concern is that I don’t think another seamstress would be willing to go through all the muslining and things that I think will probably be necessary to make sure I have a flattering fit.  Plus, I was looking forward to learning how to line a dress without wanting to stab things.  But what Mom says makes a lot of sense.  It won’t hurt anything to get an estimate, and if it’s not too much, maybe I can relinquish control.  Maybe.  So right now my fabric, pattern, and notions for the dress are all in one large ziplock bag in the freezer, making absolutely sure that they are bed bug free.  As soon as they come out I’ll make an appointment with the seamstress, and then We Shall See.