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Prepping a house for bed bug treatment is kinda like moving without the fun of actually going anywhere.  Everything has to be moved, everything isn’t where it’s supposed to be, and everything is in a state of chaos.  Plus, it’s going to stay that way indefinitely.  This is what you have to do:

  • Every piece of clothing or other textile (rugs, curtains, sheets, towels, etc.) in the house must be treated, either by putting it through the washer and dryer and sealing it in plastic immediately in order to prevent re-contamination, or by sealing it in plastic and either leaving it sealed for two years, or processing it through the deep freeze.  While you won’t have had time to process everything before the pest control person comes, everything must be sealed.
  • Every piece of paper, book, or piece of cardboard must either be thrown away or sealed in plastic to be put through the deep freeze.
  • All furniture, particularly wooden furniture, must be taken apart as much as possible (drawers taken out of dressers, beds disassembled, etc.), and washed with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
  • All furniture must be moved to be against only one wall of the room.
  • Anything that is not furniture must be moved out of the rooms that will be treated, and stored elsewhere until after the treatment is done.
  • All switch plates and outlet covers must be removed so that the pest control guy can spray into the walls.
Once the guy has come and sprayed you can start reassembling your furniture, but you can’t take anything out of plastic yet.  You have to wait 4-6 weeks, to see if there are any further signs of bed bugs (basically, you’re waiting to see if anyone gets bit).  If there are, you have to have the guy come back and retreat the problem areas.  Most places have to be retreated at least twice, sometimes more.  It’s only when you’ve gone about two months without anyone getting bit, or finding any other signs of continued infestation that you can start taking things out of plastic again.  After six months, you can start getting your life back to normal.  After two years, you can be sure that you’ve really gotten rid of them.

So sometime in 2013, I might be able to be absolutely sure that everything I own is bed bug free again.

Also, I am surrounded by plastic bags.  Oh, and that many ziplock bags?  Not cheap.

On a pleasanter note, there is more going on in my life than bed bugs.  This weekend is the Dayton Celtic Festival, and it looks like I’m going to be fully participating.  I’m planning to go down Friday night with my Catholic Life friends (mostly Flo, Sweet, Flo’s brother, and Fitz), and on Saturday with a group of swing dancing friends rounded up by Zanzibar.  There also might be a movie night afterwards.  So hopefully come Monday I’ll have some more fun news for you.

Until then!