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My dears, it is too hot to blog.  It is also too hot to sleep.  Or breathe.  Or… yeah.  You may gather that I’m not handling the heat well, and you’d be right.  No sleep, plus heat headaches (doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink, I still have headaches), plus a summer cold that leaves my head feeling like it’s stuffed full of cotton makes one miserable me.  Thankfully, last night I discovered that falling asleep with an ice pack across my forehead gave me the closest thing to a good night’s sleep that I’ve had all week.  This morning when I woke up I actually felt almost refreshed.  It was wonderful.  I’m going to try it again tonight – hopefully it’s not a fluke, and I might actually sleep for two nights in a row!  I find this very exciting.

Unfortunately, besides the heat, I don’t have much else exciting to tell you.  Not that life hasn’t continued to be interesting, but it’s mostly stuff that I can’t tell you about, at least not yet.  I’ve been spending most of my non-work, non-sleeping hours hiding out in various bookstores, which means I’m pretty caught up on my light reading, but haven’t gotten much else done.  This has been rather discouraging, since there are a couple of rather large life projects that have gotten rather derailed.  Plus I had hoped to be able to sew a couple of pairs of baby booties for MDoS and The Beautiful T’s firstborn, who is getting baptized on Sunday.  Sadly, no sewing is taking place either.

One big project that is almost done is the transfer of my music from my dieing hard drive to its new home (another hard drive), and listening to all 16 hours of music on my DJ list to make sure that the tracks play without a hitch.  I was able to get all my music moved while on family vacation, but actually listening to everything has taken much longer than I ever dreamed.  Last week I DJ’d for the first time since I made the transfer. I’d only had time to listen to about half of my Lindy list, and none at all of the Charleston, Balboa or Blues lists.  I thought I had enough music to still put together a decent set, but I was wrong.  It was so frustrating.  I would know exactly the song to play next, but I didn’t dare set it up because I couldn’t be sure that it would play properly.  It was intensely frustrating.  Also, the set stunk.  Sigh.  But since then I’ve been able to listen through all of my Lindy songs, so hopefully my set next week will make up for it.

One of the most interesting things about DJing isn’t just finding really good music that makes you want to dance, but figuring out what songs make people want to dance.  Just because a song makes me itch to get out on the floor doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on everyone else.  For example, last night SD played Woody Herman’s version of I Get A Kick Out Of You.  I hadn’t heard it before, but I loved it.  It made me want to dance to it again and learn it until I can hit every break.  But Lone Wolf and I were the only couple dancing to it.  Some of it is a familiarity issue – a lot of people just won’t dance to a song the first time they hear it.  Still, I wonder what made the two of us willing to dance to a song that the rest of the group ignored

In other news, it seems like tomorrow is going to be a very busy day.  I’m going to go with Indy to finally get a peek at MDoS and The Beautiful T’s firstborn, then meeting Rosie and Sae at the movie theatre to see the last Harry Potter, followed by dinner and then dropping in at the opening of Ani’s art show.  I forget what I’m scheduled to do Saturday, but I know that the day is similarly booked up.  And then on Sunday the weather is supposed to break.  Let’s pray that it does!