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Some good things happened this past weekend.  First, Pookah and Sparkboy’s baby came home from the hospital about dinner time on Saturday.  When Sparkboy came to relieve me from my babysitting duties Friday night he told me that they had been successful in getting the fever to go down, and that pending some test results, they were hoping to release the baby about lunchtime on Saturday.  There was a last minute hiccup when his temperature started to climb again Saturday morning, but a little baby Tylenol fixed that, and he is once again back home.

Also, I acquired my first minions.  It’s a big moment in a girl’s life, the first time she acquires a real minion.  I mean, I’ve had people who did my bidding before, but never really in a formal capacity.  It was more a case of me using my superpowers of wit and charm to get what I wanted, and make you like it.  But a real minion, that’s something else.  Of course, when someone offers, what can you do?  Sugar Ray seemed happy, nay, eager to take on the role, and then PM agreed to be a minion too, and just like that, I had my first minions.  It was pretty awesome.  So we took a picture to commemorate the moment.

Me and my Minions

Of course, while acquiring minions is an important first step on the road to world domination, I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with them.  PM lives a couple of hours away, so he’s not really available for active minioning.  I did mention to Sugar Ray that we’re about to embark on some home renovation, and he said that his house painting skills are more than adequate.  I’ve also instructed him to brush up on his computer hacking skills.  It seems like those would come in handy.  But, um, any suggestions?