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Every year everyone in my family who can goes off together to a cabin in the woods, or maybe on a lake, and spends time together.  Sometimes I think it would make a great reality tv show, and then I remember that it would make terrible tv since, for the most part, we get along too well.  But it might make a good comedy, especially with smashing dialogue like this:

Mom: Quit putting stuff next to the icon.  It’s my shiny little altar!
Me: Did you just say shiny little Offler?
Mariah: Wait, isn’t that the crocodile god?  Are we worshiping the crocodile god?
AnniPotts: (very bewildered) We’re worshiping a crock pot?

I swear this really happened.  After I stopped laughing I wrote it down word for word.  And then there was this exchange while we were playing Euchre one night:

Indy: (very frustrated with her hand)  My kingdom for a …. argh!
Boy-O: Argh!  Now where’s my kingdom?

Other than that I don’t have too much to report.  There was a lot of sleeping, a lot of making meals and eating them together, some watching of movies, some reading out loud, some hanging out with our niece, stuff like that.  There was less swimming than usual.  The camp started charging $5 a day to use the pool, even to people staying at the camp, which was just expensive enough to keep us from going more than a few times.  On the plus side, at least this time I didn’t come home from vacation with a sunburn.  So there’s that.

All in all, it was a good vacation.  Very restful.  I needed that.  I think we all did.

On the way home from vacation I got a text from Pookah.  Her five month old son had suddenly started running a very high fever, and she and Sparkboy were taking him to the ER.  I told the family, and we prayed for him then.  Later in the evening I got another text from her saying that he had been diagnosed with spinal meningitis.  They thought they had caught it in time, but there were more tests to run, and the baby would be in the hospital at least a couple of days.   So, you know, if you could pray for this sick baby and his family, I know I would appreciate it.

While I was talking with Pookah, I offered whatever help I could give, and Pookah said that actually it would be great if I could help watch MiniSpark while they were at the hospital.  So as soon as I got off work today I headed to Pookah & Sparkboy’s house, where I’m currently keeping company with a very handsome young man, blonde hair, blue eyes, about two feet tall – you know the type.  🙂  He’s had his nap, and is now having his dinner.  We have a very exciting evening planned, including some swinging on the swing set outside, and maybe even reading a few books together.  I’m looking forward to it!