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It’s funny how life gets so busy all of a sudden.  I feel like I haven’t had a moment to write since Friday.  I know that isn’t strictly true, but yesterday I got as far as writing the title of the day’s blog post, and then never got around to writing another word.  Today I resolved that I had to do better, and come hell or high water, even if I was posting at 11:55 at night, I would post on this blog, no matter what!  And so I am.

Last weekend we moved Sae out of the cute little townhouse she’s lived in for years into the house she’ll be living in with Mr. T.  It felt good to do it.  It felt like the nice epilogue at the end of a book, the part where they tell you what happened to all the characters after the main story was done.   Of course, that doesn’t mean Sae and Mr. T’s story is done, just that they’ve moved from one part into the next.

I was thinking today about how when someone moves, often the moving doesn’t stop with them.  Other people around them are affected too, like ripples moving away from a moving object in water.  It’s not just the FOR RENT sign now outside Sae’s old home, or that a bunch of us spent our Saturday moving instead of whatever else we might have done.  There are lots of other ways that Sae’s move continues to affect the people around her.

For example, when Sae merged her household with Mr. T’s some of her household goods became redundant.  In particular, she didn’t need her kitchen table anymore.  It’s nicer than the one Rosie and I have been using (solid, if battered, wood, big enough to cut out fabric on, with a couple of leaves that expand it to decent dinner-party size), so I said I’d be happy to give it a home.   Consequently, while the rest of Sae’s stuff went into Mr. T’s house, the table instead went into the back of Mom & Dad’s van, and came back up to Dayton.

Yesterday the disassembled table carried into our house, and this morning Rosie decided it was time to put it together and swap it out for our old table.  Unfortunately, when she decided to do this was right when I was coming downstairs with just enough time to spare to make my breakfast, eat it, and get my butt out the door to work.  Breakfast, instead of the peaceful time I use to mentally and spiritually prepare for the day, suddenly became a hectic dodging of random pieces of furniture, flipping pancakes in between coming out to help flip the table over, and moving tables instead of eating.  By the time we were done, I was out of time, and ended up packing my half-eaten breakfast up in a plastic container to eat at my desk at work.

Another person who’s feeling the effects of moving is my dear friend Mai, who is about to close on her first house along with her new husband Nameless.  It seems that this process is proving so traumatic that she’s been moved to start a blog about it (and probably eventually about other things too).  She writes just like she talks (which is to say: awesomely), so I think you should check it out.  And no, I haven’t been paid anything for this endorsement, though I did mention that if she fed me a few pieces of pizza I’d probably help her move.  But that’s another matter.

In other news, it is almost time for the Annual Family Vacation.  This is the time of year when all the available Family members hie themselves off to a distant-ish location together (this time it’s the same cabin in the woods as last year) and Spend Time together.  We haven’t had any casualties yet, though you never know.  Actually, it’s usually a really good time.  We enjoy each other, and we always make sure to do fun things together.  There’s a pool nearby, several hundred acres of forest we can get lost in (should that take our fancy), and small towns nearby where we can terrorize the locals.  (Mwahahahahaha!)

This year’s vacation will be a bit different, since this is the first time we’ve had any In-Laws to include.  Mr. T and Fleur will be coming along with Sae.  (We wish Sunny and Honey were coming along with Big Brother too, but they are all multiple oceans away, alas.)  Fleur and I have already made plans to spend some time making doll clothes for her Christmas Doll.  I’m looking forward to that immensely (nieces are so much fun!).  I will be going down a little late this year, since I’m staying in town through Saturday to attend One and Two’s wedding.  But I’m planning to put my vacation days at home to good use.

And now it’s time for me to go get ready for Wednesday night swing.  I’m going to wear the new skirt I just finished Monday night.  It’s a basic very full skirt, cartridge pleated to the waist, fastened with two vintage buttons from my grandmother’s stash.  It’s a great turquoise paisley border print on 100% linen, which makes it rather stiff and very poufy.  It’s a little shorter than the other skirts I’ve made, which I think makes it even cuter.  As you can tell, I’m loving it.  It’s a skirt made for dancing, and that’s just what it will do.