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This weekend Sae is officially moving into her husband’s home.  The two of them have been switching off between her apartment and his house since they got back from their honeymoon a few weeks ago, but now it’s time to clear her stuff out of the little townhouse she’s lived in for the last several years and officially change her address to his.  The two of them have already started the process of merging their households.  Lately Sae and Mr. T have been going around looking for homes for various excess items.  Rosie, Johnnycakes and I are getting Mr. T’s old washer and dryer (which is awesome, since ours have been on their last legs for, um, a while now), and a carpet for the dining room.  Sae tried to talk me into taking her old couch, but Rosie wasn’t interested in changing our living room furniture, particularly since we just got rid of our old, delapidated loveseat in favor of a lovely, new futon from Ikea (this also means that I can have friends come stay with me again – hint, The Young Queen, hint).

And then there’s all of Jacob’s stuff in the basement.  You see, Jacob and Sae had been roommates before he died.  Afterwards, everything got boxed up and put in Sae’s basement.  A few items were distributed (for example, I got his car), but for the most part people just didn’t want to deal with it.  Mom, Dad, and Mariah went down and did an inventory, which then got distributed to the family so that people could indicate which things they were interested in.  And then no one did anything about if for months.  It was just too hard.  I know that every time I tried to go through it, I’d get about a page and a half in before I started crying and had to close it again. 

However, after more than a year had gone by, The Duchess got impatient, and decided that we were going to finish this, like it or not.  Last year at family vacation she brought down lists, paper, her computer, and a printer, got the people who hadn’t finished going through the list to do so, and finally distributed the lists of who got what, and which items needed to be negotiated.  We spent a couple of days walking around with our individual sheafs of paper making deals with each other (“I’ll renounce my claim to the food processor if you let me have Jacob’s annotated Cicero.”)  And then we all went home and… did nothing.  Well, not all of us.  AP went down and fetched his stuff, but the rest of us just… didn’t.  There were lots of excuses.  Life was busy, gas was expensive, my car was having issues, and then I lost my copy of the inventory, and, well, yeah.  Mostly I just didn’t want to do it.  Even the prospect of increasing my Latin library by a factor of two or three wasn’t enough to lure me.  The fact that these were Jacob’s books that I was inheriting made it too hard.

And now it needs to be done.  On Saturday Sae moves, and that basement has to be emptied one way or another.  So tonight I’m biting the bullet.  Mariah, Rosie and I are driving down to Cincinnati together, where we’ll spend the evening trying to reconstruct our lists from the various notes people managed to save, and hopefully divvy up the stuff.  And then tomorrow we’ll move Sae into her new home.  And it will be good.

Also on the moving theme, on Sunday Rosie, Johnnycakes and I are having our Roommate Whole House Ultimate Cleaning Day, when we all work together to scrub down the entire house until it sparkles.  Rosie has proposed that as part of this cleaning day we move all our stuff out of the living room into the dining room so that she can get started on her summer renovation project.  Room by room, we’re redoing the house.  Last summer we got the dining room done (and it’s so pretty!), and now it’s the living room’s turn.  The room really needs a lot of work – plastering, painting, various other repairs.  Plus Rosie’s just a leetle bit of a perfectionist when it comes to plaster work.  So we’re looking forward to a summer of plaster dust and, hopefully, having a new, gorgeous living room come Fall.  I’ve gotten Rosie to agree that we’ll try to keep my sewing/work room as sealed off and accessible as possible, so hopefully I’ll be able to continue with my own work while she’s working on the living room.

It looks like it’s going to be a busy weekend, with lots of changes!  I’ll tell you how it went on Monday!