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From far off in Philadelphia, Indy heard our cry for Midsummers pictures and posted them to facebook last night.  And now I share them with you!

First, the stars of our show: The Boys.  From left to right, Boy-O in his mu-mu, MDoS, Captain Amazing’s brother (who really needs his own nickname), Abel, and 007.  Not pictured: 007’s boots, which he was still wearing.

AnniPotts had a rather impressive, judicially-inspired costume this year.  Here she is posing with Odd, Indy’s friend from Philadelphia.

A better look at AnniPott’s inspired wig styling!

The Girl Next Door, looking lovely in her black lace draped purple negligee.  Flo sports a pearl-trimmed silver gown, accented with a skirt repurposed as a cape, and a tulle-trimmed hat.

And this year’s wearer of The Prawn Necklace!  You may recall that Sae wore this last year to great effect!

Not everyone is comfortable dressing up, with is just fine.  Here is Flo standing next to her brother, who graciously consented to wear exactly one costume piece: our Russian fur hat.  Next to him is Sugar Ray, who seemed just fine with putting on ridiculous things.

And in case you wanted a better look at that costume, here he is again in his purple velvet pimp hat, red faux snakeskin jacket, and Western riding chaps.  Nicely done!

And the cutest member of our ensemble, Little D, pictured here with her parents.

And more baby cuteness, just because I can.

In case you were wondering, this is what I wore.  You may recognize the Cursed Bridesmaids Dress, accented with two hip wraps and a ribbon belt, black fishnet mitts, a necklace worn backwards, bottle cap earrings, and hat ornamented with St. Patrick’s day headpiece.  I also had the skirt pinned up with a rhinestone brooch to show the crinoline underneath.  I think this may be my favorite of my Midsummers costumes so far!

And a Midsummers picture post wouldn’t be complete without showing you the food.  Every year Mariah goes all out to give her guests something not only tasty, but different enough to fit the occasion.  Here we have vases of cherries, blueberry and raspberry tarts, smoked turkey breast with grilled vegetables, hard-boiled quail eggs with a dipping salt, caprese salad, and various exotic fruits including lychee, longans, dragon fruit and cactus fruit.  There was also baked brie with rhubarb chutney, but that hadn’t come out of the oven yet.

I kinda love this picture – it looks like something out of a home decorating magazine.  These is the drinks table, with ice water, sangria, fizzy lemonade and iced tea.  There were also zinc tubs under the tables with beer and cider.

And more of the baby!  😀