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So on Saturday we had our annual Midsummers Eve party, and as I looked around Mariah’s house, crammed full with many of my nearest and dearest, all dressed up in the most ridiculous costumes $5 at a thrift store can buy, I thought to myself, “Finally, some hijinks!”  You see, as I have started to emerge from my post-Weddingpalooza haze, I have started to notice a sad lack of shenanigans in my life.  The weddings were beautiful and fun, after all, but they were not characterized by, say, madcap hilarity and silliness.  And, you know, girls just wanna have fun (and you should totally watch that video, if only because the dress she’s wearing in the beginning is pretty awesome, and reminds me of my costume Saturday night).  So Saturday night was good.

Every year the Midsummers party is different.  This year we had a strong cross-dressing theme, which was entirely unexpected.  Boy-O led the way, choosing a turquoise mu-mu for his costume, followed by his best friend Abel who picked out a dainty black sequined evening dress.  Then MDoS chose a black and cobalt blue bridesmaids dress, accessorized with a blond wig, fancy hat, and rose red shawl as a sash.  Captain Amazing’s brother wore a red fringed flapper dress, and even 007 got into the act with a dramatic hot-pink sequined number accented by a leather biker hat.  It was awesome.

This year we also got through the play in record time.  I think Abel was definitely our MVP, performing Helena in a breathy falsetto that cracked people up every time he spoke.  Boy-O pulled the part of Oberon, and was hilariously determined to rhyme his lines.  Sugar Ray also turned in a creditable performance as Puck, in a costume he put together himself consisting of a purple velvet pimp hat, red snakeskin jacket, and AnniPott’s black leather chaps from her Western riding days.  However, the cutest member of the cast was definitely little D, all of eleven months old, wearing nothing but a diaper, a white onesie, and sweet brown curls.  She was possibly the most photogenic baby I’ve ever seen.  I tried to get a picture as proof, but unfortunately my camera doesn’t do well with low-light situations, and it didn’t come out.  Hopefully I’ll have other pictures for you soon.  Indy was our designated picture taker.  Unfortunately, when she headed off to Philadelphia Sunday morning she took all the pictures with her!

Besides the Midsummers party on Saturday, probably the closest thing I’ve come to hijinks in the last few weeks was when Sugar Ray took me for a ride on his motorcycle.  I mentioned that it was going to happen, but then I never mentioned it again, which is kinda unconscionable, especially considering that this was something on my bucket list: “Ride on the back of a motorcycle, preferably behind a cute guy, going fast.”  The ride fully lived up to that whole description.  The problem, and this is why I didn’t blog about it right away, was that I didn’t like it.  And I know, I’ve been looking forward to this for years.  What girl in her right mind wouldn’t love riding on the back of a motorcycle, holding on to a cute guy, going fast?  And yet as soon as we started to move, I felt my stomach clench in a very not-good way, and thought. “Expletive.  I’m going to hate this.”

The problem was that I really hate feeling off balance.  I was talking it over with Rosie later, and we think this is at least partly because I never learned how to ride a bike when I was little, so I never learned that the feeling of giddiness when you’re off balance could be ok.  For me it has always meant incipient pain, and I cannot stop my stomach from clenching tight in a painful knot of irrational terror.  This is why I hate roller coasters, and also a big part of why I am so reluctant to let myself be dipped.  It’s a fear that I can overcome, with repeated, gut-wrenching desensitization.  It also usually takes a very patient, persistent partner.  I would still only be doing the most cautious, tiny dips if Mr. Zoot hadn’t been so determined that I would dip all the way.

So the motorcycle ride itself was really fun.  Sugar Ray was fun to ride with, and when we were going straight, I loved the rushing air and the feeling of speed.  It was just when we made even the smallest swerve that my body tightened up and I had to take deep breaths and remind myself that I was not about to die.  And you know what?  I didn’t.  And it was good.