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I had high hopes this week of posting some pictures of the non-white knitting I’ve been enjoying lately.  I have the completed Springtime Garden mittens to show you, plus a pair of fingerless gloves none of you have seen (well, a few of you have seen them), plus some commissions for Aunt M.  There’s some pretty knitting to be shown, but it’s been difficult finding an opportunity to photograph it.  Either the weather wouldn’t cooperate (gotta have sunlight for pretty pictures), or my camera battery was dieing, or I just ran out of time.  I’ve been working some extra hours this week so I can bank them to cover family vacation, which has made things just that extra bit squeezy.  And then there’s getting ready for Mariah’s Midsummer’s Eve party.  This party is something to look forward to every year, but it also takes some prep.  I haven’t been helping nearly as much as Indy and AnniPotts have, but it’s still been interesting figuring out when I’m going to fit things in.  All of this is a long way of saying that I have no pretty pictures for you this week, and I’m terribly sorry about that, and perhaps next week you’ll get to see the prettiness.

My main big project this week (which has also kept me from blogging) has been trying to save as much of my music as I can off of my dying external hard drive.  This has been a long process of double checking and making sure that every last salvageable byte has been rescued, made more complicated by having folders in which some music is corrupted and unusable, but some is not, so you have to go in and try to copy each file individually.  When you’re working with 12000+ songs, this can take a little while.  But I’m determined to save as much as I can, so I’ll keep plugging away at it.

Recently I started reading a new sewing blog called Did You Make That?  I’ve been enjoying it a lot, especially the pictures the author posts of her “Me-Made” outfits as part of her Me-Made June challenge.  She’s pledged to wear at least one piece of clothing she’s made herself every day during the month of June.  I’m so impressed by this challenge, both because I love the pieces she’s made, and because it makes me more conscious of how often I wear the things I make myself.  For example, on Monday I wore the turquoise paisley skirt that started me sewing again, Tuesday I wore the trial run dress with a cardigan over it to make it more office appropriate, Wednesday I didn’t wear anything I’d made myself (jeans and a cardigan over a cami), but on Thursday I wore the blue grosgrain skirt I made last fall (which suffers, alas, from an overambitious pocket/closure design fail that makes me itch to rip it apart, redesign it, and sew it again properly every time I wear it) with one of my cut t-shirts.  Today I’m not wearing anything I’ve made myself (though I may change for this evening), which makes me a little sad.

It’s an interesting feeling, wearing things that you have made yourself.  I feel more independent, more confident in knowing that I can provide for myself the things I need.  There’s also pride in my own workmanship, knowing that (for the most part) the things I have made are made well, and made to a standard most of the things available in stores cannot approach, at least not without an astronomical price tag.  I know that the things I have made are absolutely unique, and that they are uniquely suited to me.  And then there’s the tension between telling the people around me that I have made the clothes I’m wearing (it’s not bragging, no…), or being pleased that my work is professional enough that it doesn’t look “homemade.”

However, I don’t think I’m ready for a whole month of Me-Made outfits.  I really only have three skirts, one dress, some knit shawls/wraps, and a few pairs of socks that would qualify.  I don’t know if I can count the t-shirts I’ve altered with my scissors.  Yes, they’re now definitely different from the original, but did I make them?  So far I’m leaning towards no.  I have plans in my head for at least two or three more skirts and two dresses that I could add to my daily wardrobe, plus some cute tops using the Made By Rae angel sleeve top tutorial.  And someday I’m really going to have to knit myself a few sweaters.  Then maybe I’d be ready for a whole month challenge!