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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about death, not in a depressing, macabre way, but just considering its place in our life and our varied reactions to it.  This train of thought was inspired by The Girl Next Door issuing a call for volunteers at our local Hospice (at which she works), particularly for Vigil Volunteers, people willing to sit with the dieing and keep them company in their last moments.  This has made for some rather interesting thinking, but not much blogging, mostly because my thoughts aren’t clear enough yet to share with the world, and also, well, the topic’s kinda heavy.  Perhaps one day soon I’ll share with you, but in the meantime, this is what has been going on.

Well, mostly not a lot has been going on.  This is a welcome change, believe me!  It was a quiet weekend.  On Friday I went out to dinner, and on Saturday there was The Beautiful T’s baby shower.  I did have a moment of panic when it came time to hammer the snaps into the baby bibs I was making her, and discovered that my hammer had never made it home again from Big Brother’s wedding reception (I had packed it as part of our decorating supplies).  You don’t realize how much of a specialized tool a hammer really is until you try to use something else instead.  Let me just say that a can of tomatoes does not make a very good hammer.  Consequently, the bibs did not get quite finished, and I had to do that lame thing where you give the person their present, and then have to take it back again right away because it isn’t finished yet.  So that stunk, but hopefully I’ll be able to give The Beautiful T her finished present on Saturday when I see her at the Midsummer’s Eve party.

On Sunday the Big Happening was that Sae and Mr. T came up to Dayton along with their beautiful daughter (after the wedding Fleur told Sae that she thought she would just call her Mom from now on), plus the proofs of their wedding pictures.  Everyone who could assembled in the living room at the Family Homestead, and we had a round robin of passing pictures hand to hand, and exclaiming over particularly nice ones.  It was a lovely time, and there are some very lovely pictures.  The plan is that once both sides of the family have gotten a chance to look at the pictures, the proofs will be passed around again, and this time whoever wants a copy of that particular photo will initial the back.  Then they’ll send copies out electronically.  The process is a little cumbersome, but everyone wants to do their best to respect the photographer’s copyright.  So there will be pictures coming, and they’ll be lovely, but it’s going to take a while longer.  Please practice your patience!

After Sae and Mr. T had shown us the pictures, they headed off to a class, leaving Fleur with us.  This was awesome.  It’s not often that we get one of our nieces all to our selves.  She started off playing with Indy’s doll house, then helped AnniPotts with a school project, and then we all took a field trip to DLM.  The purpose of this was to show Fleur the bakery display, one of the best dessert counters anywhere.  “We” in this instance means AnniPotts, Rosie, Fleur, and myself.  The dessert cases were duly admired (and they really are impressive), and Fleur chose one dessert from each side to take home with her.  Then I took her to see the cheese section (also impressive, though in a different way), and told her that she could pick one of the cheeses.  So she picked the excessively cute Laughing Cow Babybels.  Then we took a quick tour of the produce section, and met Rosie in the drinkables aisle.  It was a sweet little trip, and everyone still got home in time to go to evening Mass.

My big project these days, besides catching up on my life in various ways, has been trying to rescue what I can from my dieing external hard drive.  I was trying to remember how long I’ve had it, and I don’t know anymore.  It’s been a while, and though I’ve done my best to treat it well, I haven’t always been super careful.  So I can’t blame it for starting to go out on me.  This is an emergency, however, because it is home to almost all of my extensive music collection.  I had been trying to baby it along, but it’s intermittent errors made DJing last week so intensely stressful (digital music files are not supposed to start skipping!) that I spent the next few days scouring e-bay for a reasonably priced replacement.  So far the system I’m going to try is keeping the music I use most on a large flash card, and backing everything up on a new external hard drive.  The flash drive came in the mail yesterday, so I spent most of the evening transferring files, and taking notes of those that were too corrupted to copy.  So far it’s the songs I use the most that are hardest hit, which stinks.  Luckily I have a lot of those backed up on my phone’s memory card, so perhaps replacing them might not be as expensive as I’d initially feared.

Also, although I swore I wasn’t going to talk about the next wedding for at least two weeks, I have to admit that I’ve been cheating a little.  Last week I was in a dreadfully boring meeting where I couldn’t knit.  So instead I sketched designs for a new bridesmaids dress.  It would be 1950s style (of course), with a deep scoop or ballet neckline, raglan or kimono sleeves, and maybe a sort of underbust corset effect in the bodice.  I was thinking it would look nice in a camel colored wool, with a deep red velvet ribbon as a belt.  Today I decided to look and see if there was a similar retro pattern already available before I started trying to draft my own pattern (something I’ve never done, and you can imagine the anguished posts that would probably result).  And I think I’ve found one.  The neckline isn’t what I was thinking of, and I don’t know how I feel about that little stand up collar, but the rest of it is spot on.  So, you know, I may not have to reinvent the wheel after all.  Of course, I haven’t run any of this by The Duchess, and I’m not going to until next week, so that may not end up happening anyway.  But I’m having fun thinking about it.