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Now that the hullabaloo of the Weddingpalooza is behind us (at least for a while), it’s time to return to something like normal life.  The Duchess is back in Philly, and Wednesday Big Brother, Sunny, and Honey headed back home as well.  Home for them is in separate countries for a while, until the visas get straightened out for Sunny and Honey to join Big Brother in China.  (We’re all hoping that Big Brother will be able to find employment in the states after his stint at the physics institute in China is done, so we might have a better chance of seeing the three of them more regularly.)  Rosie has plunged back into school, and is in the throes of finals week.  AP and Boy-O are going through the same thing, and soon AP will be coming home for the summer.

I am trying to reclaim my life too.  So far this mostly means trying to catch up on housework and sleep.  Our Catholic Life young adult group starts up again tonight, so I’ve also been attempting to pick that up again.  I’m very grateful for having such a great leadership team to work with, that I could just disappear for a couple of weeks and be pretty sure that everything is still just fine.

I’m also a little excited about tonight because, not only is CL starting up again, but Sugar Ray messaged me to say that he will be bringing his motorcycle with him tonight.  You see, I have this list of Things To Do Before I Die, and on that list is to ride on a motorcycle, preferably seated behind a cute guy, going fast.  I don’t want to drive the motorcycle myself, I just want to have that experience.  Over the years I’ve tried to check this off my list multiple times, but it never seemed to work out.  Isaac died, That Guy moved to Cincinnati and dropped out of my life.  Last fall when I found out that Sugar Ray had a motorcycle, I asked him if he would give me a ride.  He said that he would, but the weather and the timing didn’t work out.  Until now.  So hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to mark that one off my list.  😀

Also last night I DJd at swing dancing again.  This time we had a good turnout, and people danced a lot.  I was having issues with the external hard drive where I store most of my music (I think it’s trying to die, which is understandable, since it’s lived a long and useful life), which made DJing uncannily resemble an game of musical Russian roulette.  Would this song play smoothly, without jumps, skips, odd repeats, or strange musical tics?  That one went well, but how about this one? And this one?  It was exciting, but a little exhausting!  Today I’ve been haunting e-bay looking for an affordable replacement, so hopefully the problem will be fixed by the next time I’m due to DJ.

In another return to normal, the weekend looks like it’s going to be busy, but a normal kind of busy.  On Friday I have plans with A Certain Someone, and then Saturday is The Beautiful T’s baby shower, and then Sunday I’m meeting The Kiddo for coffee.  At some point I’m sure Mariah will contact me about getting ready for the Midsummer’s Eve Party, which is coming up weekend after next.  They say the weather is going to break, and Sunday is due to be gorgeous.  I’m looking forward to it!