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Last night Big Brother and Sunny gave me permission to tell you guys the story of how they met.  Big Brother was living in Korea at the time, doing postdoctoral physics research.  He really wanted to get married, but it was difficult to meet good Catholic women.  Plus, Korean dating customs are different from the way Americans do things, which added another level of difficulty.  So Big Brother decided, in his direct fashion, to put himself out there.

He wrote an e-mail and sent it out to various trusted friends in Korea, including several priests and religious sisters.  This e-mail (which was pages and pages long) detailed who he was, and what kind of woman he was looking for.  He asked if they knew of any young women who might be a good fit for him, and if they would be willing to introduce the two of them.

Meanwhile, in another city in Korea, Sunny was not thinking about marriage at all.  She had been married before, a marriage that had ended disastrously.  Now she was trying to make a life for herself and her young daughter.  Korean attitudes towards divorce and remarriage are very disapproving, much like they were in this country perhaps seventy-five or a hundred years ago.  Sunny did not think that anyone would be really interested in a single mother, and had refused various attempts by different friends to set her up.  However, one Sunday when she was praying in church, she found herself asking God to send her someone who would be a protector for her and her daughter, someone who would love her and whom she could love as Christ loves.  A few minutes later, she went to say good-bye to the priest and the nun who worked for the parish before she left.  Instead of the usual pleasantries, the nun called her over, and asked for her e-mail address.  The nun had recently received an e-mail from an American man whom she thought might be just right for her.

Sunny and Big Brother started e-mailing, and then agreed to meet.  For their first date, they went to a Vietnamese restaurant where you roll your own spring rolls.  Big Brother had a lot of difficulty with this, not being able to manage the delicate spring roll wrappings.  At one point he even accidentally launched some of the filling across the table onto Sunny.  However, instead of turning her off, this helped seal the deal.  Sunny decided that this was definitely a man who needed someone to take care of him, and that she was the woman to do it.  A few months later, her annulment was finalized, and soon after that, they were engaged.

And now they are a family, and part of our family.

So of course we threw a party!

Everyone had a marvelous time!


Everything turned out beautiful.

Even the weather cooperated!

There were even funny hats!

The end.