Ask, and ye shall receive…

This is the best picture I have so far of Sae and Mr. T that shows more of Sae’s dress.  Alas, since this is when they were entering the reception, Sae’s not wearing her veil anymore.  Believe me, as soon as I have a picture of the veil, I’ll post it.  Sae is wearing our grandmother’s pearls.

I also don’t have a picture yet of the entire bridal party.  But this is a photo of me and AnniPotts being cute.  That will have to hold you for now.  It does show the coordinating blues of the bridesmaids dresses.  The little pink flower ornaments on AnniPotts’s dress were made and added by Indy.  And yes, that’s the Cursed Bridesmaid Dress I’m wearing, as well as the pashmina that Fuzzy fell in love with.  Speaking of which…

This is him cuddling up to me during the reception.  You can also see the bee earrings Indy made for me (a late birthday present), and the bead flowers in my hair.

I think I like this picture even better.  You can see The Duchess in her bridesmaids dress behind me, and AJ in her very chic green and white polka dots.

We were standing near the doorway to the main reception room.  This is what it looked like all decorated up.  You can see the runners on the tables, each one different, that Indy painstakingly coordinated.

This is a better look at the centerpieces, complete with arrangements in milk glass vases (thrifted by Indy) and flower pots hand made by our mother.

Another beautiful table, this time the cake table!  The little birds in the nest topper are personalized with a little bow tie and a wisp of a veil.  Mariah made the branch arrangement by hot glueing flowers and tiny birds to bare twigs.  You can also see the tissue paper puff garland on the window behind the cake table.  This was taken just after Sae and Mr. T cut the cake, hence the piece missing.  The cake was made by a friend of Mr. T’s mom, who also catered the rehearsal dinner.

One of the great features of Aullwood were the big windows everywhere looking out into green woodland.  Here is Honey and Fleur checking out the special bird watching room.

They look so quiet and demure…. good thing it won’t last for long!  Honey is wearing a Hanbok, the very beautiful Korean national costume.  Indy made the hand beaded flower wreath in Fleur’s hair.

This is Big Brother and Sunny relaxing during the reception.  Sunny is wearing the shawl I knit for her.

And of course the best part is the dancing.

That’s it for today – I’ll have pictures from Big Brother’s wedding tomorrow, and more pictures of Sae’s wedding as they come in!

Also, all of these pictures were taken by Indy, who holds the copyright.