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Lambkins, we will live.  Big Brother’s vow renewal went well, the reception was lovely, the samgyeopsal was a huge hit, the weather cooperated, and now we are done.

I am so tired.  Last night I found myself sitting on the floor of the kitchen at the Family Homestead, surrounded by now empty coolers (I wasn’t up to putting anything else away, but at least the perishable stuff needed to be refrigerated), and let me tell you, that floor was suddenly the most comfortable floor I’ve ever sat on.  All the food was put away, the stuff I was going to take home with me was put in bags for transport, and I was totally done for the day.  All that was stopping me from getting up and going home was that suddenly I had no interest whatsoever in moving.  I might still be on that kitchen floor now, except I had called Rosie to help with the last stages of getting the food put away.  Boy-O had finished the job for her, so when she arrived, I asked her to help me get home instead.  And she did.  We loaded the two of us up, and together made our way around to the other side of the block where we live.

And now I can get back to this life thing I’ve heard that some people have.  I think I used to have one somewhere…

Or maybe not.  On Saturday night The Duchess and 007 got engaged.  She wants to have a Thanksgiving wedding.

I’m going to pretend I don’t know that for a little while.