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My dears, Sae is married.  It was a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful reception, plus a beautiful bride and a very handsome groom.  Everything went off without a hitch, though we did have to send 007 sprinting back to the house at the last minute because Sae’s bouquet had been left resting in a vase on Mariah’s mantle.  My dress was finished just in time, and I am told that it (and I) looked beautiful.  I’m afraid I don’t have very many pictures (this is one of the few I remembered to take), but I’ll be posting the few I have and passing along others as I get them.

It is hard to know what to write about the wedding.  There are too many stories to tell.  Indy thinks that I should write a post with all the numbers from the wedding (i.e. 400 roses, four football field lengths of ribbon, 100 stems delphinium, 80 assorted milk glass vases, etc.), but I’m afraid that’s not what the wedding was about for me.  At the same time, I was so tired when everything was happening that it’s hard to remember things clearly enough to write about them.  However, these are a few of the things I do remember.

One of the lovely things about the wedding was that our dear friends Crafty Minx, Joe, and their whole wonderful brood of children were able to come.  Once we got to the reception, the kids attached themselves to me and my sisters and stuck with us for the rest of the night.  Fuzzy, the youngest boy, was particularly enamored of the blue pashmina I was wearing.  For most of the reception, whenever I turned around, he was attached to it and snuggling up to me.  It was kind of adorable.  I was telling people that he only loved me for my shawl, but then he assured me earnestly that he loved me for more than that, so I had to stop.

One of my favorite things is dancing with my family.  We all like to get on down with our bad selves, and aren’t afraid to embrace looking silly.  SD was our DJ, and did a great job spinning the tunes that made us want to move our feet.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget 007’s star turn during Abba’s Dancing Queen, much less all of us singing along at the top of our lungs to Livin’ On A Prayer.  At one point I danced so hard that I lost one of the bead flowers pinned in my hair.  It was pretty great.

I caught Sae’s wedding bouquet.  This is rather remarkable on a number of levels.  I’ve never caught a wedding bouquet before, in large part because I haven’t ever really tried.  The bouquet toss has always been my absolute least favorite part of a wedding reception.  It always seemed humiliating to be herded out onto the floor to make an exhibition of your single status, and then be expected to compete with other similarly humiliated women for a token of a meaningless superstition.  Usually when the time for the bouquet toss comes around, I find that I urgently need to use the bathroom, and don’t return until it’s well over.

However, this time was different.  The toss was almost an afterthought.  Sae and Mr. T had come to say good-bye before they left.  The only people left were family members from our side of the family.  All of us were already out on the dance floor, where we’d been dancing hard.  Indy shoved a bouquet into Sae’s hand, Sae turned her back and tossed it towards us.  I reached up, and it was in my hands.  I was so startled I didn’t really know what to do next.  The Duchess was  put out that I caught it instead of her (she fully expects her wedding to 007 to be the next family wedding, though they aren’t yet actually engaged), so I ended up having to stage another mini toss so that she could catch it.  It was her bouquet that Indy had shoved into Sae’s hand anyway, so I figured it was only fair.

After the reception, of course, comes the clean up.  By that point I was having trouble moving (getting only a few hours of sleep a night for several nights can do that to you).  I ended up having a lovely, long chat with AJ out in the hallway while things got cleaned up and packed away.  And then it was time to retrieve my shoes and head outside, where the most dramatic lightning show was going on.  And then, just as we were shutting the doors on the last of the stuff, the first few raindrops fell.

One down, one to go…